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Miren Gaztañaga and Juanita Crook

according to established indications. Describe methods to mitigate side effects in order to improve quality of life for men with prostate cancer. Since Huggins and Hodges 1 first recognized the androgen dependence of prostate cancer in 1940, androgen

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Stephanie L. Lee

), the disease is being diagnosed at earlier ages, and postsurgical RAI therapy is now routine in some practices. 2 , 3 Questionnaires completed by more than 200 patients after RAI treatment suggested that immediate (< 3 months) side effects occurred

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Sally Yowell Barbour

feared side effects of cancer treatment and is a cause of great distress for many patients. 1 In rankings of symptoms, vomiting and/or nausea has always been at the top ( Table 1 ) 1 – 5 ; although with recent advances in treatment and control of

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Borislav Hristov, Ori Shokek and Deborah A. Frassica

Radiotherapy is integral in the multidisciplinary approach to patients with musculoskeletal neoplasms. Multiple studies have established a role for radiotherapy as a definitive local treatment of unresectable lesions or when surgery might yield unacceptable functional outcomes, such as in Ewing's tumor or base of skull chondrosarcoma. Radiotherapy is also used as an adjuvant treatment after surgery with close or positive margins. In the metastatic setting, external beam radiotherapy and bone-seeking intravenous radioisotopes are used on a case-by-case basis for palliation. As radiotherapy and its delivery techniques have evolved, so has its role in treating tumors such as Ewing's sarcoma, chordoma and chondrosarcoma, osteosarcoma, primary lymphoma of bone, malignant fibrous histiocytoma of bone, and vascular tumors. Radiation can also be successfully used to treat unresectable or recurrent benign tumors, such as giant cell tumor and aneurysmal bone cyst. This article reviews the indications for radiotherapy for various bone tumors and summarizes some of the important data supporting its use.

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Nikhil Khandelwal, Ian Duncan, Tamim Ahmed, Elan Rubinstein and Cheryl Pegus

, such as patient failure to initiate therapy, unclaimed prescriptions, filling the prescription but not consuming the medication as scheduled, or premature discontinuation of medication because of side effects. 8 Monitoring of adherence is crucial for

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Sharon Spencer

tumor cells and minimize side effects to normal tissue, conventional RT regimens deliver the prescribed radiation dose in multiple daily fractions (usually 2 Gy/fraction), given over several weeks. 3 “To assure adequate target volume coverage and

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Anita Sultan, Sriman Swarup, Somedeb Ball, Miguel Quirch, Meily Arevalo, Yin M. Myat, Ye Aung, Myo H. Zaw and Kyaw Z. Thein

placebo in combination with letrozole or anastrozole or fulvestrant or other hormonal agents. The RR of all-grade side effects were as follows: diarrhea, 1.691 (95% CI: 1.220–2.345; P =.002); nausea, 1.632 (95% CI: 1.447–1.840; P <.001); vomiting, 1

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Sriman Swarup, Anita Sultan, Nusrat Jahan, Upama Sharma, Nimesh Adhikari, Yin M. Myat, Ye Aung, Myo H. Zaw and Kyaw Z. Thein

all-grade side effects were as follows: fatigue, 1.378 (95% CI: 1.236–1.536; P <.0001); asthenia, 1.704 (95% CI: 1.190–2.441; P =.004); reduced appetite, 2.088 (95% CI: 1.471–2.964; P <.0001); back pain, 1.047 (95% CI: 0.871–1.259; P =.626); pain

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Umang Shah and Tara Morrison

), cognitive and psychiatric disorders, and side effects of chemotherapy. This article addresses the literature and current guidelines on many of these issues. Myelosuppression, constipation, and diarrhea are not unique problems to this patient population, and

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Andrea M. Trescot

that “equipotent” doses of medications may have very different degrees of analgesia and side effects ( Table 1 ). 51 With chronic administration, the ratio of oral to intravenous morphine is 3:1. Initially, parenteral hydromorphone was believed to be