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Brent K. Hollenbeck, James E. Montie and John T. Wei

Benefits of Universal Adoption. Washington, D.C. : The Business Roundtable ; 2000 . 5 Brook RH McGlynn EA Cleary PD . Quality of health care. Part 2: measuring quality of care . (comment) N Engl J Med. 1996 ; 335 : 966 – 970 . 6

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Surbhi Agarwal, Ruta Rao and David Ansell

transparency in quality of care. Black women are less likely than white women to receive these therapies that are associated with a survival benefit. Improving adherence to guidelines can decrease the gap in mortality rates for minority women with breast cancer

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Lori J. Goldstein, Bonnie J. Miller, Nancy Nicotera and Delinda Pendleton

Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) participated in the NCCN Opportunities for Improvement (OFI) project with the purpose of optimizing the quality of care delivered at FCCC to patients with breast cancer based on ASCO and NCCN Guidelines. Historically

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Matthew Loscalzo, Karen Clark, Jeff Dillehunt, Redmond Rinehart, Rex Strowbridge and Daniel Smith

screening automates processes that enhance physician control, efficiency of the clinical encounter, quality of care, patient satisfaction, adherence to treatment, and safety, and makes an essential connection to supportive care services. Automating screening

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Narek Shaverdian, Erin F. Gillespie, Elaine Cha, Soo Young Kim, Stephanie Benvengo, Fumiko Chino, Jung Julie Kang, Yuelin Li, Thomas M. Atkinson, Nancy Lee, Charles M. Washington, Oren Cahlon and Daniel R. Gomez

oncologic consultation has been found to impact patient quality of life. 11 – 13 Therefore, to ensure optimal patient outcomes it is necessary to assess patient satisfaction and quality of care with telemedicine given the rapid expansion of its use into

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Lydia F.J. van Overveld, Robert P. Takes, Jozé C.C. Braspenning, Robert J. Baatenburg de Jong, Jan P. de Boer, John J.A. Brouns, Rolf J. Bun, Eric A. Dik, Boukje A.C. van Dijk, Robert J.J. van Es, Frank J.P. Hoebers, Barry Kolenaar, Arvid Kropveld, Ton P.M. Langeveld, Hendrik P. Verschuur, Jan G.A.M. de Visscher, Stijn van Weert, Max J.H. Witjes, Ludi E. Smeele, Matthias A.W. Merkx and Rosella P.M.G. Hermens

effectively improve high-quality care. 2 , 3 Quality of care can be monitored and measured by using a dashboard of valid and reliable quality indicators (QIs). 4 , 5 A QI is defined as “a measurable element of practice performance for which there is evidence

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George L. Jackson, Leah L. Zullig, S. Yousuf Zafar, Adam A. Powell, Diana L. Ordin, Ziad F. Gellad, David Abbott, James M. Schlosser, Janis Hersh and Dawn Provenzale

rapid-cycle quality improvement—Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles—to test improvements to the care system using data related to quality of care. 7 , 8 The VHA Office of Quality and Performance (since renamed Office of Informatics and Analytics) invited each VHA

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Katy Winckworth-Prejsnar, James McCanney, Alyssa A. Schatz, Warren Smedley, Leonidas C. Platanias, Cecil M. Benitez, Lee N. Newcomer, C. Lyn Fitzgerald and Robert W. Carlson

incentives. National policies, however, do not always keep pace with these changes or accurately reflect the daily challenges of cancer care delivery and best practices. Simultaneously, workforce shortages could significantly affect access and quality of care

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Eric Gratias, David Spangler and Margaret Rausa

NCCN Categories of Preference to direct more patients toward preferred regimens with superior efficacy, safety, and affordability to further improve quality of care and lower total medical costs.

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Samantha Rios and Kelsey Larson

diagnosis after breast incidentalomas identified on abdominal/chest MRI. In addition, studies focusing on improving follow-up imaging rates are important for patient safety and quality of care.