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Michael H. Levy, Michael D. Adolph, Anthony Back, Susan Block, Shirley N. Codada, Shalini Dalal, Teresa L. Deshields, Elisabeth Dexter, Sydney M. Dy, Sara J. Knight, Sumathi Misra, Christine S. Ritchie, Todd M. Sauer, Thomas Smith, David Spiegel, Linda Sutton, Robert M. Taylor, Jennifer Temel, Jay Thomas, Roma Tickoo, Susan G. Urba, Jamie H. Von Roenn, Joseph L. Weems, Sharon M. Weinstein, Deborah A. Freedman-Cass and Mary Anne Bergman

goal of these guidelines is to help assure that each patient with cancer experiences the best quality of life possible throughout the illness trajectory by providing guidance for the primary oncology team. The Palliative Care Panel is an

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Eric J. Roeland, Daniel P. Triplett, Rayna K. Matsuno, Isabel J. Boero, Lindsay Hwang, Heidi N. Yeung, Loren Mell and James D. Murphy

Background Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness at any stage that focuses on optimizing patient quality of life. 1 A multidisciplinary palliative care team will often include physicians, nurses, social

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Michael Levy, Thomas Smith, Amy Alvarez-Perez, Anthony Back, Justin N. Baker, Anna C. Beck, Susan Block, Shalini Dalal, Maria Dans, Thomas R. Fitch, Jennifer Kapo, Jean S. Kutner, Elizabeth Kvale, Sumathi Misra, William Mitchell, Diane G. Portman, Todd M. Sauer, David Spiegel, Linda Sutton, Eytan Szmuilowicz, Robert M. Taylor, Jennifer Temel, Roma Tickoo, Susan G. Urba, Elizabeth Weinstein, Finly Zachariah, Mary Anne Bergman and Jillian L. Scavone

aim of the NCCN Guidelines for Palliative Care is to help ensure that each patient with cancer experiences the best quality of life possible throughout the illness trajectory by providing guidance for the primary oncology team. The NCCN Palliative Care

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Maxwell T. Vergo and Amelia M. Cullinan

of specialty palliative care and develop a model for integrating specialty palliative care into the care of patients with cancer List strategies for effectively communicating with patients and caregivers, including responding to resistance to

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Paolo Marchetti, Raymond Voltz, Carmen Rubio, Didier Mayeur and Andreas Kopf

Palliative care is an important component of cancer management that reduces the adverse impact of pain and other symptoms, whether attributable to cancer-related treatment or the malignancy itself, on the patient’s quality of life throughout the

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Elio Mazzone, Sophie Knipper, Francesco A. Mistretta, Carlotta Palumbo, Zhe Tian, Andrea Gallina, Derya Tilki, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Francesco Montorsi, Fred Saad, Alberto Briganti and Pierre I. Karakiewicz

Background The integration of palliative care into the treatment of advanced cancer represents an established guideline recommendation 1 – 3 and has been considered an indicator of quality of care. 4 – 11 It is noteworthy that early introduction

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Jessica R. Bauman and Jennifer S. Temel

their disease and treatment, and their EOL care preferences. In recent years, investigators have studied a novel approach: integrating specialty palliative care (PC) early in oncology care to better address supportive care needs. Specialty PC

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Omar Shamieh and Abdul-Rahman Jazieh

A n initiative was launched to adapt several of the NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines) to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Palliative care was one area of cancer treatment selected because of its high

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Michael H. Levy, Anthony Back, Costantino Benedetti, J. Andrew Billings, Susan Block, Barry Boston, Eduardo Bruera, Sydney Dy, Catherine Eberle, Kathleen M. Foley, Sloan Beth Karver, Sara J. Knight, Sumathi Misra, Christine S. Ritchie, David Spiegel, Linda Sutton, Susan Urba, Jamie H. Von Roenn and Sharon M. Weinstein

the express written permission of the NCCN © 2009. Disclosures for the NCCN Palliative Care Guidelines Panel At the beginning of each NCCN guidelines panel meeting, panel members disclosed any financial support they have received from industry

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Paul A. Glare

care focuses on the relief of suffering in all its forms and on achieving the best possible quality of life for patients and their caregivers. 1 , 5 , 13 , 15 - 18 The scope of palliative care varies across sites and locations, ranging from only end