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Davide Mauri, Antonis Valachis, Nikolaos P. Polyzos, Lamprini Tsali, Dimitris Mavroudis, Vassilis Georgoulias and Giovanni Casazza

algorithm was used: [early OR adjuvant] AND [breast OR mammary] AND [tumour OR malign * OR carcinom * OR cancer] AND [biphosphonates OR bisphosphonates OR clodronate OR pamidronate OR zoledronic acid OR ibandronate]. The reference lists of all studies

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Richard L. Theriault

primary human osteoblasts . Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2002 ; 291 : 680 – 686 . 56 Elomaa I Blomqvist C Porkka L . Treatment of skeletal disease in breast cancer: A controlled clodronate trial . Bone 1987 ; 8 ( Suppl ): S53 – S56

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Mohamad A. Hussein

. Randomised, placebo-controlled multicentre trial of clodronate in multiple myeloma . Finnish Leukaemia Group . Lancet 1992 ; 340 : 1049 – 1052 . 28. McCloskey EV MacLennan IC Drayson MT . A randomized trial of the effect of clodronate on

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Julie R. Gralow, J. Sybil Biermann, Azeez Farooki, Monica N. Fornier, Robert F. Gagel, Rashmi N. Kumar, Charles L. Shapiro, Andrew Shields, Matthew R. Smith, Sandy Srinivas and Catherine H. Van Poznak

study of bone mineral density in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy . Cancer Invest 1998 ; 16 : 6 – 11 . 92 Powles TJ McCloskey E Paterson AH . Oral clodronate and reduction in loss of bone mineral density in women

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Julie R. Gralow, J. Sybil Biermann, Azeez Farooki, Monica N. Fornier, Robert F. Gagel, Rashmi Kumar, Georgia Litsas, Rana McKay, Donald A. Podoloff, Sandy Srinivas and Catherine H. Van Poznak

Premenopausal Women With Therapy-Induced Ovarian Suppression/Failure: Several studies reported that bisphosphonates, including zoledronic acid, pamidronate, clodronate, and risedronate, attenuate the bone loss associated with treatment-related ovarian failure

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Charise Gleason, Ajay Nooka and Sagar Lonial

treatment . Oncologist 2009 ; 14 : 276 – 283 . 43 Roodman GD . Novel targets for myeloma bone disease . Expert Opin Ther Targets 2008 ; 12 : 1377 – 1387 . 44 Jantunen E Lahtinen R Laakso M . Use of clodronate in multiple myeloma

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Philip L. McCarthy

intravenous zoledronate versus oral clodronate. Although the PFS for the IT arm was not different between the 2 bisphosphonate arms (25 vs. 25 months), a trend was seen toward an improved OS in patients treated with zoledronate ( Table 4 ). Patients in the

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Richard L. Theriault, J. Sybil Biermann, Elizabeth Brown, Adam Brufsky, Laurence Demers, Ravinder K. Grewal, Theresa Guise, Rebecca Jackson, Kevin McEnery, Donald Podoloff, Peter Ravdin, Charles L. Shapiro, Matthew Smith and Catherine H. Van Poznak

therapy in patients with chemotherapy-induced ovarian failure reported that risedronate, clodronate, and pamidronate can attenuate bone loss. 35 , 61 , 62 However, outcomes are primarily reported as changes in BMD, though a more clinically relevant

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William J. Gradishar, Benjamin O. Anderson, Ron Balassanian, Sarah L. Blair, Harold J. Burstein, Amy Cyr, Anthony D. Elias, William B. Farrar, Andres Forero, Sharon Hermes Giordano, Matthew P. Goetz, Lori J. Goldstein, Steven J. Isakoff, Janice Lyons, P. Kelly Marcom, Ingrid A. Mayer, Beryl McCormick, Meena S. Moran, Ruth M. O'Regan, Sameer A. Patel, Lori J. Pierce, Elizabeth C. Reed, Kilian E. Salerno, Lee S. Schwartzberg, Amy Sitapati, Karen Lisa Smith, Mary Lou Smith, Hatem Soliman, George Somlo, Melinda Telli, John H. Ward, Dorothy A. Shead and Rashmi Kumar

and denosumab) have an established role as preventative and therapeutic agents for the management of osteoporosis, hypercalcemia of malignancy, and bone metastases. Bisphosphonates Oral clodronate, which is not commercially available in this

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Allan Lipton, Robert Uzzo, Robert J. Amato, Georgiana K. Ellis, Behrooz Hakimian, G. David Roodman and Matthew R. Smith

resorption and for monitoring an oral clodronate - medication in osteolytic metastases of breast carcinoma [abstract] . J Clin Oncol 2004 ; 22 ( 18 Suppl ): Abstract 862 . 70 Ozu C Nakashima J Horiguchi Y . Prediction of bone metastases by