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Robert F. Ozols

Intraperitoneal (IP) chemotherapy in ovarian cancer has been studied since 1978. Numerous phase II trials have been performed, which have shown that higher levels can be obtained in the peritoneal cavity compared with systemic circulation after administration of cytoxic agents in a large volume via a semi-permanent catheter. Three randomized trials have been performed in patients with ovarian cancer comparing different IP regimens to standard therapy with intravenous agents. The last two trials from the Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG) and the Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) compared two different IP regimens versus standard therapy with intravenous cisplatin plus paclitaxel. Although an improvement in progression-free survival was reported for the IP regimens, they have been associated with unacceptable toxicity, and no IP regimen can be considered standard therapy. Maintenance therapy with IP cisplatin also failed to improve survival in patients who obtained complete remission after intravenous chemotherapy. The GOG is considering another phase III trial of IP therapy that will compare a carboplatin-based regimen versus standard therapy with intravenous paclitaxel plus carboplatin. Unless such a trial shows an improvement in clinical outcome, intravenous carboplatin plus paclitaxel remains the standard of care and IP chemotherapy should not be used outside of a clinical trial.

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F. Anthony Greco

. Anticancer Res 2004 ; 24 : 297 – 301 . 35. Briasoulis E Kalofonos H Bafaloukos D . Carboplatin plus paclitaxel in unknown primary cancer: a phase II Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group study . J Clin Oncol 2000 ; 18 : 3101 – 3107 . 36

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NCCN Guidelines® Insights: Ovarian Cancer, Version 3.2022

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

Deborah K. Armstrong, Ronald D. Alvarez, Floor J. Backes, Jamie N. Bakkum-Gamez, Lisa Barroilhet, Kian Behbakht, Andrew Berchuck, Lee-may Chen, Viola C. Chitiyo, Mihaela Cristea, Maria DeRosa, Eric L. Eisenhauer, David M. Gershenson, Heidi J. Gray, Rachel Grisham, Ardeshir Hakam, Angela Jain, Amer Karam, Gottfried E. Konecny, Charles A. Leath III, Gary Leiserowitz, Joyce Liu, Lainie Martin, Daniela Matei, Michael McHale, Karen McLean, David S. Miller, Sanja Percac-Lima, Steven W. Remmenga, John Schorge, Daphne Stewart, Premal H. Thaker, Roberto Vargas, Andrea Wahner Hendrickson, Theresa L. Werner, Emese Zsiros, Mary A. Dwyer, and Lisa Hang

, Rousseau F , Mouret-Reynier MA , Efficacy and safety of first-line single-agent carboplatin vs carboplatin plus paclitaxel for vulnerable older adult women with ovarian cancer: a GINECO/GCIG randomized clinical trial . JAMA Oncol 2021 ; 7 : 853

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Matthew G. Fury and David G. Pfister

residual toxicities from prior cisplatin-based therapy. Carboplatin plus paclitaxel, both in every-3-week 24 , 25 and weekly 26 dosing schedules, has been evaluated in phase II studies with a wide range of reported response rates (26%–52%) and median

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Ammar Sukari, Misako Nagasaka, and Erin Wakeling

the past decade, there have been tremendous advancements in the management of advanced NSCLC, particularly in molecularly targeted therapy. In the IPASS trial, which randomized 1,217 patients to either gefitinib or carboplatin plus paclitaxel

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David S. Ettinger, Wallace Akerley, Gerold Bepler, Matthew G. Blum, Andrew Chang, Richard T. Cheney, Lucian R. Chirieac, Thomas A. D'Amico, Todd L. Demmy, Ramaswamy Govindan, Frederic W. Grannis Jr., Thierry Jahan, David H. Johnson, Anne Kessinger, Ritsuko Komaki, Feng-Ming Kong, Mark G. Kris, Lee M. Krug, Quynh-Thu Le, Inga T. Lennes, Renato Martins, Janis O'Malley, Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, Gregory A. Otterson, Jyoti D. Patel, Katherine M. Pisters, Karen Reckamp, Gregory J. Riely, Eric Rohren, Scott J. Swanson, Douglas E. Wood, and Stephen C. Yang

treatment for advanced invasive thymoma with cisplatin, doxorubicin, and methylprednisolone . J Thorac Oncol 2007 ; 2 : 73 – 78 . 31. Lemma GL Loehrer PJ Sr Lee JW . A phase II study of carboplatin plus paclitaxel in advanced thymoma or thymic

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Craig S. Schneider, Robert A. Oster, Aparna Hegde, Michael C. Dobelbower, John M. Stahl, and Adam J. Kole

, Standard-dose versus high-dose conformal radiotherapy with concurrent and consolidation carboplatin plus paclitaxel with or without cetuximab for patients with stage IIIA or IIIB non-small-cell lung cancer (RTOG 0617): a randomised, two-by-two factorial

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Gauri R. Varadhachary

Bafaloukos D . Carboplatin plus paclitaxel in unknown primary carcinoma: a phase II Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group study . J Clin Oncol 2000 ; 18 : 3101 – 3107 . 6 Culine S Lortholary A Voigt JJ . Cisplatin in combination with either

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Robert E. Glasgow, David H. Ilson, James A. Hayman, Hans Gerdes, Mary F. Mulcahy, and Jaffer A. Ajani

over surgery alone in esophageal and gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma and squamous cancer. 45 This trial also used a more contemporary chemotherapy regimen: weekly carboplatin plus paclitaxel. Preoperative therapy conferred a median 2-year

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Min Huang, Joyce O’Shaughnessy, Jing Zhao, Amin Haiderali, Javier Cortes, Scott Ramsey, Andrew Briggs, Vassiliki Karantza, Gursel Aktan, Cynthia Z. Qi, Chenyang Gu, Jipan Xie, Muhan Yuan, John Cook, Michael Untch, Peter Schmid, and Peter A. Fasching

.1038/nrclinonc.2010.43 20368727 39. Zhang P , Yin Y , Mo H , . Better pathologic complete response and relapse-free survival after carboplatin plus paclitaxel compared with epirubicin plus paclitaxel as neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced