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Andrea Cercek, Karyn A. Goodman, Carla Hajj, Emily Weisberger, Neil H. Segal, Diane L. Reidy-Lagunes, Zsofia K. Stadler, Abraham J. Wu, Martin R. Weiser, Philip B. Paty, Jose G. Guillem, Garrett M. Nash, Larissa K. Temple, Julio Garcia-Aguilar and Leonard B. Saltz

preliminary reports exploring this strategy, 10 - 12 provide a solid rationale for shifting systemic treatment to earlier in the treatment paradigm. Based on these data, the authors began altering the sequence of treatment for most patients with LARC at

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Stephen B. Edge

, presurgical therapy provides distinct advantages, especially in T2 or larger tumors, for which systemic treatment will be administered regardless of node status. It often allows for BCT when mastectomy would otherwise be needed, and it provides for assessment

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Jennifer L. Schwartz, Sandra L. Wong, Scott A. McLean, James A. Hayman, Christopher D. Lao, Jeffrey H. Kozlow, Kelly M. Malloy, Carol R. Bradford, Marcus L. Frohm, Douglas R. Fullen, Lori Lowe and Christopher K. Bichakjian

provides treatment guidelines based on best available evidence and expert consensus opinion, but optimal management with regard to surgery, radiation therapy, and systemic treatment remains controversial. However, the importance of a multimodality approach

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Kristin K. Deeb, Jakub P. Sram, Hanlin Gao and Marwan G. Fakih

targeted agents. Furthermore, clinical studies and molecular genotyping have now clearly indicated the heterogeneity of colorectal cancer and the inadequacy of the concept of “one size fits all” in the systemic treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer. 7

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Nicholas Zdenkowski, Phyllis Butow, Andrew Spillane, Charles Douglas, Kylie Snook, Mark Jones, Christopher Oldmeadow, Sheryl Fewster, Corinna Beckmore, Frances M. Boyle and for the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group

KK . Impact of progression during neoadjuvant chemotherapy on surgical management of breast cancer . Ann Surg Oncol 2011 ; 18 : 932 – 938 . 17. Mauri D Pavlidis N Ioannidis JP . Neoadjuvant versus adjuvant systemic treatment in breast

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Mei-Chin Hsieh, Lu Zhang, Xiao-Cheng Wu, Mary B. Davidson, Michelle Loch and Vivien W. Chen

Effectiveness Research (CER) and the SEER registry. The CDC-CER registries reabstracted medical records and collected detailed and complete first-course treatment information, including type of surgery, radiation, and all systemic treatments, from all sources

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Venkata K. Pokuri, Houman Nourkeyhani, Bodie Betsy, Laurie Herbst, Marcus Sikorski, Edward Spangenthal, Andrew Fabiano and Saby George

years later, the discovery of the GnRH receptor and synthesis of the first GnRH analog established ADT as the key systemic treatment against prostate adenocarcinoma. 4 In the modern era, clinicians are still relying on this principle in the first

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Saby George, Roberto Pili, Michael A. Carducci and Jenny J. Kim

localized disease, surgery remains the preferred therapeutic modality for cure. In the metastatic setting, however, systemic treatment approaches are multifaceted and include immunotherapeutic approaches, such as IL-2, and signal transduction inhibitors

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Tara M. Mackay, Lennart B. van Rijssen, Jurr O. Andriessen, Mustafa Suker, Geert-Jan Creemers, Ferry A. Eskens, Ignace H. de Hingh, Lonneke V. van de Poll-Franse, Mirjam A.G. Sprangers, Olivier R. Busch, Johanna W. Wilmink, Casper H. van Eijck, Marc G. Besselink, Hanneke W. van Laarhoven and on behalf of the Dutch Pancreatic Cancer Group

postoperative clinical condition, adjuvant chemotherapy was offered. Palliative treatment was defined as any palliative systemic treatment of metastatic or locally advanced pancreatic or periampullary cancer. The start of treatment was defined as upfront surgery

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Fei Gao, Nan Li, YongMei Xu and GuoWang Yang

recurrence and distant metastasis are higher than in other patients with stage IIIA disease, and therefore surgery alone is not enough. Especially for patients with stage IIIA-N2 disease with ≥6 positive lymph nodes, local and systemic treatment should be