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Daniel G. Coit, Robert Andtbacka, Christopher J. Anker, Christopher K. Bichakjian, William E. Carson III, Adil Daud, Raza A. Dilawari, Dominick DiMaio, Valerie Guild, Allan C. Halpern, F. Stephen Hodi Jr., Mark C. Kelley, Nikhil I. Khushalani, Ragini R. Kudchadkar, Julie R. Lange, Anne Lind, Mary C. Martini, Anthony J. Olszanski, Scott K. Pruitt, Merrick I. Ross, Susan M. Swetter, Kenneth K. Tanabe, John A. Thompson, Vijay Trisal and Marshall M. Urist

clinical and biologic significance of this observation remains unclear. Adjuvant Radiation Therapy Adjuvant RT is rarely necessary for excised local melanoma. One exception may be desmoplastic neurotropic melanoma (DNM), which tends to be locally

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Daniel G. Coit, Robert Andtbacka, Christopher K. Bichakjian, Raza A. Dilawari, Dominick DiMaio, Valerie Guild, Allan C. Halpern, F. Stephen Hodi, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, Julie R. Lange, Anne Lind, Lainie Martin, Mary C. Martini, Scott K. Pruitt, Merrick I. Ross, Stephen F. Sener, Susan M. Swetter, Kenneth K. Tanabe, John A. Thompson, Vijay Trisal, Marshall M. Urist, Jeffrey Weber and Michael K. Wong

melanoma of the head and neck . Cancer 2004 ; 100 : 383 – 389 . 86 Strom EA Ross MI . Adjuvant radiation therapy after axillary lymphadenectomy for metastatic melanoma: toxicity and local control . Ann Surg Oncol 1995 ; 2 : 445 – 449

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Victor T.G. Lin, Lisle M. Nabell, Sharon A. Spencer, William R. Carroll, Shuko Harada and Eddy S. Yang

resection, extracapsular extension, and tumor involvement of 31 of 40 resected lymph nodes. He was enrolled in a clinical trial comparing adjuvant chemoradiation versus radiation therapy (RT) alone (RTOG 1008), and was randomly assigned to treatment with RT

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Justin Famoso, Gerald Lemole, Srinath Sundararajan and Baldassarre Stea

administered with a 5-field intensity-modulated radiation therapy technique. Image guidance was achieved with daily kilovoltage x-ray imaging using the ExacTrac system by Brainlab. On completion of RT, the patient was evaluated for systemic therapy options

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Beryl McCormick

breast by radiation therapy . Cancer 1977 ; 39 : 2840 – 2845 . 2 Prosnitz L Goldenberg I Packard A . Radiation therapy as initial treatment for early stage cancer of the breast without mastectomy . Cancer 1977 ; 39 : 917 – 923 . 3

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Gregory P. Kalemkerian, Billy W. Loo Jr, Wallace Akerley, Albert Attia, Michael Bassetti, Yanis Boumber, Roy Decker, M. Chris Dobelbower, Afshin Dowlati, Robert J. Downey, Charles Florsheim, Apar Kishor P. Ganti, John C. Grecula, Matthew A. Gubens, Christine L. Hann, James A. Hayman, Rebecca Suk Heist, Marianna Koczywas, Robert E. Merritt, Nisha Mohindra, Julian Molina, Cesar A. Moran, Daniel Morgensztern, Saraswati Pokharel, David C. Portnoy, Deborah Rhodes, Chad Rusthoven, Jacob Sands, Rafael Santana-Davila, Charles C. Williams Jr, Karin G. Hoffmann and Miranda Hughes

fraction, and early development of widespread metastases. These NCCN Guidelines Insights focus on recent updates in immunotherapy, systemic therapy, and radiation therapy (RT) for patients with SCLC. For a full list of the 2018 updates, see the complete

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Srinivas K. Tantravahi, and Theresa L. Werner

recurrence of endometrial cancer is prior radiation therapy at the site of recurrence. In the case of this patient with locally recurrent endometrial cancer and no prior radiation therapy, NCCN recommendations include tumor-directed radiation therapy, and

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Priscilla K. Brastianos, William T. Curry and Kevin S. Oh

RPA, but more objective and user friendly. Since then, diagnosis-specific GPAs have been developed, 6 including the Breast-GPA, which also accounts for genetic subtype in addition to KPS and age. 7 Radiation Therapy Whole-Brain Radiation

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Margaret von Mehren, R. Lor Randall, Robert S. Benjamin, Sarah Boles, Marilyn M. Bui, Ephraim S. Casper, Ernest U. Conrad III, Thomas F. DeLaney, Kristen N. Ganjoo, Suzanne George, Ricardo J. Gonzalez, Martin J. Heslin, John M. Kane III, Joel Mayerson, Sean V. McGarry, Christian Meyer, Richard J. O’Donnell, Alberto S. Pappo, I. Benjamin Paz, John D. Pfeifer, Richard F. Riedel, Scott Schuetze, Karen D. Schupak, Herbert S. Schwartz, Brian A. Van Tine, Jeffrey D. Wayne, Mary Anne Bergman and Hema Sundar

cancer syndromes caused by germline mutations in several different genes have been associated with inherited predisposition for the development of STS. 2 - 7 Radiation therapy (RT) and/or chemotherapy are often used as an adjunct to surgery for patients

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Chelsea C. Pinnix, Valerie Reed and Bouthaina Dabaja

, SS, and secondary hypothyroidism. She had no history of radiation therapy or of lupus or scleroderma. She denied history of renal disease. She did report xerostomia and eye dryness requiring her to constantly carry a water bottle and use lubricating