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Devon C. Snow and Eric A. Klein

available for metastatic prostate cancer, treatment can be curative if it is caught early. The goal of early diagnosis and radical treatment was first suggested in 1905. 2 The introduction of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) as a screening tool in the late

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Robert J. Morgan, Ronald D. Alvarez, Deborah K. Armstrong, Robert A. Burger, Mariana Castells, Lee-may Chen, Larry Copeland, Marta Ann Crispens, David Gershenson, Heidi Gray, Ardeshir Hakam, Laura J. Havrilesky, Carolyn Johnston, Shashikant Lele, Lainie Martin, Ursula A. Matulonis, David M. O’Malley, Richard T. Penson, Steven W. Remmenga, Paul Sabbatini, Joseph T. Santoso, Russell J. Schilder, Julian Schink, Nelson Teng, Theresa L. Werner, Miranda Hughes and Mary A. Dwyer

reserved. The NCCN Guidelines® and this illustration may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of NCCN®. Screening Tests for Diagnosing Ovarian Cancer Most ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage, which

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Thai H. Ho and Eric Jonasch

pathogenesis of sporadic RCC and have served as a framework for the development of targeted therapies. With diverse presentations and incomplete penetrance of RCC, establishing screening guidelines for detecting early-onset RCC may help identify persons with

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Yoshio Naya and Koji Okihara

. CA Cancer J Clin 2003 ; 53 : 5 – 26 . 2 Catalona WJ Smith DS Ratliff TL . Measurement of prostate-specific antigen in serum as a screening test for prostate cancer . N Engl J Med 1991 ; 324 : 1156 – 1161 . 3 Babaian RJ

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Mary B. Daly, Robert Pilarski, Matthew B. Yurgelun, Michael P. Berry, Saundra S. Buys, Patricia Dickson, Susan M. Domchek, Ahmed Elkhanany, Susan Friedman, Judy E. Garber, Michael Goggins, Mollie L. Hutton, Seema Khan, Catherine Klein, Wendy Kohlmann, Allison W. Kurian, Christine Laronga, Jennifer K. Litton, Julie S. Mak, Carolyn S. Menendez, Sofia D. Merajver, Barbara S. Norquist, Kenneth Offit, Tuya Pal, Holly J. Pederson, Gwen Reiser, Kristen Mahoney Shannon, Kala Visvanathan, Jeffrey N. Weitzel, Myra J. Wick, Kari B. Wisinski, Mary A. Dwyer and Susan D. Darlow

-penetrance genes associated with breast and ovarian cancer beyond BRCA1/2 ; the addition of pancreatic cancer to the title, with new information added about pancreas screening and genes associated with pancreatic cancer; clarification of testing indications for

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Johan Maertens, Kristel Buvé and Elias Anaissie

Infect Dis 2004 ; 4 : 349 – 357 . 11. Maertens J Verhaegen J Lagrou K . Screening for circulating galactomannan as a noninvasive diagnostic tool for invasive aspergillosis in prolonged neutropenic patients and stem cell transplantation

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Sierra Cheng, Matthew C. Cheung, Di Maria Jiang, Erica McDonald, Vanessa S. Arciero, Doreen Anuli Ezeife, Amanda Rahmadian, Alexandra Chambers, Kelley-Anne Sabarre, Ambika Parmar and Kelvin K.W. Chan

scoring. Of these 127 RCTs, 108 RCTs comprising 116 treatment comparisons reported HR OS and were therefore included in the primary analysis. Key characteristics of the included RCTs are described in Table 1 . Figure 1. Process of screening and scoring

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Laurence Klotz

findings: can insignificant and advanced prostate cancer be predicted in a screening population? Urology 2004 ; 64 : 544 – 550 . 18. Choo R DeBoer G Klotz L . PSA doubling time of prostate carcinoma managed with watchful observation alone

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Alexander P. Cole, Chang Lu, Marieke J. Krimphove, Julie Szymaniak, Maxine Sun, Sean A. Fletcher, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Brandon A. Mahal, Paul L. Nguyen, Toni K. Choueiri, Adam S. Kibel, Adil H. Haider and Quoc-Dien Trinh

Background Insurance coverage impacts many aspects of cancer care, from screening 1 , 2 to treatment. 3 – 5 Insurance may also affect long-term outcomes, such as cancer progression and mortality. 6 , 7 The relative benefit may vary depending on

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David E. Misek, Tasneem H. Patwa, David M. Lubman and Diane M. Simeone

treatments for women with breast cancer: outcome with relation to screening for the disease . Ann Oncol 2003 ; 14 : 1212 – 1214 . 12. Lieberman D . How to screen for colon cancer . Annu Rev Med 1998 ; 49 : 163 – 172 . 13. Ferguson