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David S. Ettinger, Charles R. Handorf, Mark Agulnik, Daniel W. Bowles, Justin M. Cates, Mihaela Cristea, Efrat Dotan, Keith D. Eaton, Panagiotis M. Fidias, David Gierada, G. Weldon Gilcrease, Kelly Godby, Renuka Iyer, Renato Lenzi, John Phay, Asif Rashid, Leonard Saltz, Richard B. Schwab, Lawrence N. Shulman, Jeffrey B. Smerage, Marvaretta M. Stevenson, Gauri R. Varadhachary, Jonathan S. Zager, Weining (Ken) Zhen, Mary Anne Bergman, and Deborah A. Freedman-Cass

testing for actionable mutations (eg, EGFR and ALK mutations if lung cancer is suspected), using either individual gene testing or comprehensive profiling, to guide choice of therapy. Identification of certain mutations would allow molecularly targeted

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Katy K. Tsai, Neharika Khurana, Timothy McCalmont, Adil Daud, Boris Bastian, and Iwei Yeh

therapies, including molecularly targeted therapy and immune checkpoint blockade, were considered. The PD-L1 IHC 28-8 pharmDx assay by NeoGenomics Laboratories stained 0% of tumor; however, in light of the high number of pathogenic alterations (22 genomic

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Kevin Yauy, Marion Imbert-Bouteille, Virginie Bubien, Clothilde Lindet-Bourgeois, Gauthier Rathat, Helene Perrochia, Gaëtan MacGrogan, Michel Longy, Didier Bessis, Julie Tinat, Stéphanie Baert-Desurmont, Maud Blanluet, Pierre Vande Perre, Karen Baudry, Pascal Pujol, and Carole Corsini

personalized medicine options, such as molecularly targeted drugs. In vitro therapeutic studies on OCCC recently supported that the PI3K/mTOR inhibitor combination significantly and specifically decreased cell proliferation and focal adhesion in OCCC, and might

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Jay Gong, Jeffrey P. Gregg, Weijie Ma, Ken Yoneda, Elizabeth H. Moore, Megan E. Daly, Yanhong Zhang, Melissa J. Williams, and Tianhong Li

for Detecting Rare Variants of EML4-ALK Fusion Oncogene in Tissue and Blood Histology assessment of lung cancer at diagnosis is important for selecting chemotherapy and molecularly targeted therapy. 18 Currently, testing for ALK rearrangements is

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Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, William Sherman, and Désirée Ratner

-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction may be used to confirm the diagnosis of DFSP or the presence of selected tyrosine kinase receptors in preparation for molecular targeted therapy with imatinib. 18 , 19 , 28 Tumors without evidence of the t(17;22) chromosomal

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Presenter: Gregory J. Riely

. In order to test for all of these molecular targets, the NCCN Guidelines strongly advise broad molecular profiling because large panel testing is the most efficient approach to obtaining all of the necessary information from the available tissue

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Lucas Vieira dos Santos, João Paulo Lima, Kathia Cristina Abdalla, Arinilda Campos Bragagnoli, Florinda Almeida Santos, Alexandre dos Anjos Jácome, and Fabiano Elias Porto

unselected for a molecular target. Results from an EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group phase II study . Eur J Cancer 2003 ; 39 : 2006 – 2011 . 7. Dematteo RP Ballman KV Antonescu CR . Adjuvant imatinib mesylate after resection of localised

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Julie Teruya-Feldstein

on the expression of six genes . N Engl J Med 2004 ; 350 : 1828 – 1837 . 12. Ngo VN Davis RE Lamy L . A loss-of-function RNA interference screen for molecular targets in cancer . Nature 2006 ; 441 : 106 – 110 . 13. Polo JM

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Andrew Wagner

2006 ; 24 ( suppl ): Abstract 9545 . 57. Morgan J Demetri G Wang D . A phase I study of dasatinib, a Src and multi-kinase inhibitor, in patients (pts) with GIST and other solid tumors 18th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and

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Christopher K. Bichakjian, Thomas Olencki, Murad Alam, James S. Andersen, Daniel Berg, Glen M. Bowen, Richard T. Cheney, Gregory A. Daniels, L. Frank Glass, Roy C. Grekin, Kenneth Grossman, Alan L. Ho, Karl D. Lewis, Daniel D. Lydiatt, William H. Morrison, Kishwer S. Nehal, Kelly C. Nelson, Paul Nghiem, Clifford S. Perlis, Ashok R. Shaha, Wade L. Thorstad, Malika Tuli, Marshall M. Urist, Timothy S. Wang, Andrew E. Werchniak, Sandra L. Wong, John A. Zic, Nicole McMillian, Karin Hoffman, and Maria Ho

with imatinib: Imatinib Target Exploration Consortium Study B2225 . J Clin Oncol 2005 ; 23 : 866 – 873 . 18. Rubin BP Schuetze SM Eary JF . Molecular targeting of platelet-derived growth factor B by imatinib mesylate in a patient with