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Presenters: Melinda L. Telli and William J. Gradishar

–June 4, 2019 ; Chicago, Illinois . Abstract 1002. 12. Von Minckwitz G , Schneeweiss A , Loibl S , . Neoadjuvant carboplatin in patients with triple-negative and HER2-positive early breast cancer (GeparSixto; GBG 66): a randomized phase 2

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Therese B. Bevers, John H. Ward, Banu K. Arun, Graham A. Colditz, Kenneth H. Cowan, Mary B. Daly, Judy E. Garber, Mary L. Gemignani, William J. Gradishar, Judith A. Jordan, Larissa A. Korde, Nicole Kounalakis, Helen Krontiras, Shicha Kumar, Allison Kurian, Christine Laronga, Rachel M. Layman, Loretta S. Loftus, Martin C. Mahoney, Sofia D. Merajver, Ingrid M. Meszoely, Joanne Mortimer, Lisa Newman, Elizabeth Pritchard, Sandhya Pruthi, Victoria Seewaldt, Michelle C. Specht, Kala Visvanathan, Anne Wallace, Mary Ann Bergman, and Rashmi Kumar

cancer has shown a reduction in the incidence of contralateral second primary breast cancer. 115 – 118 The meta-analyses by Early Breast Cancer Trialists' Collaborative Group confirmed that the risk for contralateral primary breast cancer is

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Jeffrey Crawford, Pamela Sue Becker, James O. Armitage, Douglas W. Blayney, Julio Chavez, Peter Curtin, Shira Dinner, Thomas Fynan, Ivana Gojo, Elizabeth A. Griffiths, Shannon Hough, Dwight D. Kloth, David J. Kuter, Gary H. Lyman, Mary Mably, Sudipto Mukherjee, Shiven Patel, Lia E. Perez, Adam Poust, Raajit Rampal, Vivek Roy, Hope S. Rugo, Ayman A. Saad, Lee S. Schwartzberg, Sepideh Shayani, Mahsa Talbott, Saroj Vadhan-Raj, Sumithira Vasu, Martha Wadleigh, Peter Westervelt, Jennifer L. Burns, and Lenora Pluchino

-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients [abstract] . J Clin Oncol 2006 ; 24 ( Suppl 18 ): Abstract 7570 . 33. Vance KT Carpenter J . Same day administration of pegfilgrastim with dose dense doxorubicin in early breast cancer patients [abstract] . J Clin Oncol

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Yoshikuni Kawaguchi, Scott Kopetz, Heather A. Lillemoe, Hyunsoo Hwang, Xuemei Wang, Ching-Wei D. Tzeng, Yun Shin Chun, Thomas A. Aloia, and Jean-Nicolas Vauthey

FACS randomized clinical trial . JAMA 2014 ; 311 : 263 – 270 . 24430319 10.1001/jama.2013.285718 24. Moschetti I , Cinquini M , Lambertini M , . Follow-up strategies for women treated for early breast cancer . Cochrane Database Syst Rev

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Michaela A. Dinan, Lauren E. Wilson, and Shelby D. Reed

Oncotype DX breast recurrence score testing on adjuvant chemotherapy use in early breast cancer: real world experience in Greater Manchester, UK . Eur J Surg Oncol 2017 ; 43 : 931 – 937 . [Erratum in Eur J Surg Oncol 2018;44:194.] 28111076 10.1016/j

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Jason Hu, Armen G. Aprikian, Marie Vanhuyse, and Alice Dragomir

44. Bošković L , Gašparić M , Petković M , . Bone health and adherence to vitamin D and calcium therapy in early breast cancer patients on endocrine therapy with aromatase inhibitors . Breast 2017 ; 31 : 16 – 19 . 27810693 10.1016/j

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Neelima Denduluri, Debra A. Patt, Yunfei Wang, Menaka Bhor, Xiaoyan Li, Anne M. Favret, Phuong Khanh Morrow, Richard L. Barron, Lina Asmar, Shanmugapriya Saravanan, Yanli Li, Jacob Garcia, and Gary H. Lyman

Nordic Lymphoma Group randomized trial . Blood 2003 ; 101 : 3840 – 3848 . 17 Wildiers H Reiser M . Relative dose intensity of chemotherapy and its impact on outcomes in patients with early breast cancer or aggressive lymphoma . Crit Rev

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Daphna Y. Spiegel, Matthew J. Boyer, Julian C. Hong, Christina D. Williams, Michael J. Kelley, Joseph K. Salama, and Manisha Palta

. 10.1200/JCO.2013.49.5283 23835712 15. de Azambuja E , Holmes AP , Piccart-Gebhart M , . Lapatinib with trastuzumab for HER2-positive early breast cancer (NeoALTTO): survival outcomes of a randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 3 trial

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Nicholas Zdenkowski, Phyllis Butow, Andrew Spillane, Charles Douglas, Kylie Snook, Mark Jones, Christopher Oldmeadow, Sheryl Fewster, Corinna Beckmore, Frances M. Boyle, and for the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group

. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2017 ; 4 : Cd001431 . 7. Zdenkowski N Butow P Tesson S Boyle F . A systematic review of decision aids for patients making a decision about treatment for early breast cancer . Breast 2016 ; 26 : 31 – 45 . 8

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Amy A. Kirkham, Kelcey A. Bland, Holly Wollmann, Alis Bonsignore, Don C. McKenzie, Cheri Van Patten, Karen A. Gelmon, and Kristin Campbell

programming as a part of supportive adjuvant care for early breast cancer . Oncologist 2018 ; 23 : 105 – 115 . 28982801 10.1634/theoncologist.2017-0141 8. Kirkham AA , Bonsignore A , Bland KA , . Exercise prescription and adherence for breast