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Your Genes: Getting the Best Fit

Margaret Tempero

reducing lifestyle risks that they can actually control? Considering the expanding need, the workforce shortage in genetic counseling is increasing to epic proportions, and I don't think there is a solution in sight. So I guess this is another call to

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Payer Coverage for Hereditary Cancer Panels: Barriers, Opportunities, and Implications for the Precision Medicine Initiative

Julia R. Trosman, Christine B. Weldon, Michael P. Douglas, Allison W. Kurian, R. Kate Kelley, Patricia A. Deverka, and Kathryn A. Phillips

despite informed consent and genetic counseling, patients may not understand the immature state of evidence about numerous genes within panels (73%) and that their data are used for research, to which many would object if better informed. Payers' suspicion

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A Prospective Six Sigma Quality Improvement Trial to Optimize Universal Screening for Genetic Syndrome Among Patients With Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer

Sean Dineen, Patrick M. Lynch, Miguel A. Rodriguez-Bigas, Sarah Bannon, Melissa Taggart, Colleen Reeves, Cathy Modaro, Michael Overman, George J. Chang, John M. Skibber, and Y. Nancy You

chemotherapy regimens. 20 However, in practice, adherence to this guideline is poor, 21 , 22 and many patients are not referred for genetic counseling and workup. 23 We hypothesized that system-based practice intervention, designed with the Six Sigma quality

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Letter to the Editor: CHEK2 I157T - Pluto Among Numerous Low-Risk Genetic Factors Requiring Discharge From a Range of Pathogenic Variants?

Maxim Ivanov, Margarita Sharova, Andrea Olsen, Alexandra Lebedeva, Ekaterina Ignatova, Gerald Mouse, and Vladislav Mileyko

The NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines) for Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Breast, Ovarian, and Pancreatic 1 provide substantial groundwork for specialist practice in diverse fields: medical oncology, genetic

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Implementation of INHERET, an Online Family History and Cancer Risk Interpretation Program for Primary Care and Specialty Clinics

Lynn A. McCain, Kara J. Milliron, Amanda M. Cook, Robert Paquette, Jasmine B. Parvaz, Susan D. Ernst, Anne L. Kittendorf, Diane M. Harper, Philip Zazove, Jim Arthurs, Jerry A. Tippie, Bailey Hulswit, Lee F. Schroeder, David F. Keren, and Sofia D. Merajver

genetic counseling. In an integrated health system, 6 <30% of patients had family history documented in the medical record. As a result, there is a pressing need to improve genetics clinics’ efficiency, given the increasing number of patients being

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NCCN Guidelines Insights: Genetic/Familial High-Risk Assessment: Breast, Ovarian, and Pancreatic, Version 1.2020

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

Mary B. Daly, Robert Pilarski, Matthew B. Yurgelun, Michael P. Berry, Saundra S. Buys, Patricia Dickson, Susan M. Domchek, Ahmed Elkhanany, Susan Friedman, Judy E. Garber, Michael Goggins, Mollie L. Hutton, Seema Khan, Catherine Klein, Wendy Kohlmann, Allison W. Kurian, Christine Laronga, Jennifer K. Litton, Julie S. Mak, Carolyn S. Menendez, Sofia D. Merajver, Barbara S. Norquist, Kenneth Offit, Tuya Pal, Holly J. Pederson, Gwen Reiser, Kristen Mahoney Shannon, Kala Visvanathan, Jeffrey N. Weitzel, Myra J. Wick, Kari B. Wisinski, Mary A. Dwyer, and Susan D. Darlow

Jewish ancestry, 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 providing some evidence to support population-based genetic testing among the Ashkenazi Jewish population. However, the panel raised concerns about the demand on genetic counseling resources, the preparedness of healthcare

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The Future of Parallel Tumor and Germline Genetic Testing: Is There a Role for All Patients With Cancer?

Ying L. Liu and Zsofia K. Stadler

, microsatellite instability. The advantage of a tumor-only approach is efficiency, because germline DNA is not directly interrogated, and the necessary informed consents, privacy protections, and pretesting/posttesting genetic counseling inherent to traditional

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Evaluating the NCCN Clinical Criteria for Recommending BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genetic Testing in Patients With Breast Cancer

Caiqian Cropper, Ashley Woodson, Banu Arun, Carlos Barcenas, Jennifer Litton, Sarah Noblin, Diane Liu, Minjeong Park, and Molly Daniels

counseling at our institution between March 31, 2013, and June 30, 2014. Because of the rarity of male breast cancer, all male patients with breast cancer seen for genetic counseling were included (genetic testing dates ranged from September 9, 1999–June 30

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Complexities of Next-Generation Sequencing in Solid Tumors: Case Studies

Alexandra O. Sokolova, Brian H. Shirts, Eric Q. Konnick, Ginger J. Tsai, Bernardo H.L. Goulart, Bruce Montgomery, Colin C. Pritchard, Evan Y. Yu, and Heather H. Cheng

, particularly at higher variant allelic fraction, prompted genetic counseling referral. Dedicated germline genetic testing confirmed that the BRCA2 c.9196C>T was a heterozygous germline variant and led to cascade genetic testing of his family. His older sister

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Nationwide Trends and Determinants of Germline BRCA1/2 Testing in Patients With Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Kelsey S. Lau-Min, Anne Marie McCarthy, Katherine L. Nathanson, and Susan M. Domchek

recent version, visit 3. Katz SJ , Ward KC , Hamilton AS , Gaps in receipt of clinically indicated genetic counseling after diagnosis of breast cancer . J Clin Oncol 2018 ; 36 : 1218 – 1224 . 29528794 4