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BRAF/MEK Dual Inhibitors Therapy in Progressive and Anaplastic Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma: Case Series and Literature Review

Karolina Kata, Juan C. Rodriguez-Quintero, Octavio D. Arevalo, Jackie J. Zhang, Meenakshi Bidwai Bhattacharjee, Cornelius Ware, Antonio Dono, Roy Riascos-Castaneda, Nitin Tandon, Angel Blanco, Yoshua Esquenazi, Leomar Y. Ballester, Mark Amsbaugh, Arthur L. Day, and Jay-Jiguang Zhu

received BRAF and MEK inhibitors concurrently, with distinctive clinical and radiologic outcomes. Methods Medical records from 2010 to 2021 at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center were reviewed after approval of the Committee for the Protection of

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Perioperative Intravesical Chemotherapy in Non–Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Michael R. Abern, Richmond A. Owusu, Mark R. Anderson, Edward N. Rampersaud, and Brant A. Inman

guidelines, the authors sought to reassess the effect of immediate postoperative IVC through performing an updated systematic literature review and meta-analysis. The primary goal is to determine the effect of a single dose of IVC after TUR on NMIBC

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Characteristics Associated With Functional Changes During Systemic Cancer Treatments: A Systematic Review Focused on Older Adults

Kah Poh Loh, Vivian Lam, Katey Webber, Simran Padam, Mina S. Sedrak, Vivek Musinipally, Madison Grogan, Carolyn J. Presley, Janice Grandi, Chandrika Sanapala, Daniel A. Castillo, Grace DiGiovanni, Supriya G. Mohile, Louise C. Walter, and Melisa L. Wong

importance of FS in older adults with cancer 16 and the explosion of new cancer treatments, an increasing number of studies have examined characteristics associated with FS change during treatment. Although a prior systematic review examined the prognostic

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Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials of Exercise Interventions Using Digital Activity Trackers in Patients With Cancer

Kerry Schaffer, Narmadha Panneerselvam, Kah Poh Loh, Rachel Herrmann, Ian R. Kleckner, Richard Francis Dunne, Po-Ju Lin, Charles E. Heckler, Nicholas Gerbino, Lauren B. Bruckner, Eugene Storozynsky, Bonnie Ky, Andrea Baran, Supriya Gupta Mohile, Karen Michelle Mustian, and Chunkit Fung

systematic review of 34 exercise interventions for patients with cancer during and after treatments, 6 report that exercise in survivors improves strength, endurance, and cardiopulmonary function, thereby resulting in improved physical and mental health and

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Solid Malignancies in Individuals With Down Syndrome: A Case Presentation and Literature Review

Scott V. Bratman, Kathleen C. Horst, Robert W. Carlson, and Daniel S. Kapp

adenocarcinoma. The management of his cancer is reviewed. The case is then discussed in the context of prior epidemiologic, genetic, and mechanistic studies, highlighting recent discoveries of the molecular determinants of neoplasia in DS. Case Report A

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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Use in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Systematic Review

Andrew J. Portuguese, Scott S. Tykodi, Christopher D. Blosser, Ted A. Gooley, John A. Thompson, and Evan T. Hall

with ICIs reflect a postmarketing experience with commercially available ICIs. Case reports and previous reviews have demonstrated that ICIs retain anticancer activity among SOTRs with cancer despite the concurrent use of chronic immunosuppression, but

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Financial Burdens of Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review of Risk Factors and Outcomes

Grace L. Smith, Maria A. Lopez-Olivo, Pragati G. Advani, Matthew S. Ning, Yimin Geng, Sharon H. Giordano, and Robert J. Volk

treatment. 3 – 13 A recent systematic review that sought to define the prevalence of the types of financial hardships among patients with cancer showed that 40% to 50% of US patients experienced material or psychologic stressors related to the cost of

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Institutional Review of Compliance With NCCN Guidelines for Breast Cancer: Lessons Learned From Real-Time Multidimensional Synoptic Reporting

Titilayo O. Adegboyega, Jeffrey Landercasper, Jared H. Linebarger, Jeanne M. Johnson, Jeremiah J. Andersen, Leah L. Dietrich, Collin D. Driscoll, Meghana Raghavendra, Anusha R. Madadi, Mohammed Al-Hamadani, Choua A. Vang, Kristen A. Marcou, Jane Hudak, and Ronald S. Go

noncompliance are discussed and then categorized as a quality concern or not. Action plans are generated based on this review. In addition, compliance to NCCN Guidelines for each patient is discussed at a weekly interdisciplinary tumor board in which all members

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Breast Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Review With a Focus on Biology

Jill R. Tichy, Elgene Lim, and Carey K. Anders

supportive care needs. In 2005-2006, a progress review group issued “Closing the Gap: Research and Care Imperatives for AYAs With Cancer” with the intent to solicit recommendations for a national agenda to focus efforts on this demographic. 2 Years later

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An Infant-Type Hemispheric Glioma With SOX5::ALK: A Novel Fusion

Chia Chin Tsai, Man-Hsu Huang, Chia-Lang Fang, Kevin Li-Chun Hsieh, Tsung-Han Hsieh, Wan-Ling Ho, Hsi Chang, Min-Lan Tsai, Yu-Chien Kao, James S. Miser, Tai-Tong Wong, Min-Yu Su, and Yen-Lin Liu

evaluation stage in IHGs with ALK fusions. Review of the literature found 6 other patients with ALK -rearranged IHG who have been treated with lorlatinib ( Table 1 ). 3 , 17 – 21 Together with our patient (n=7), 4 partial responses and 1 complete response