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Matthieu Picard, Ursula A. Matulonis and Mariana Castells

et al 24 examined the utility of carboplatin skin testing before each drug infusion (with a concentration varying between 5 and 12 mg/mL) starting at the seventh cycle to preemptively identify patients with an allergy. A total of 126 patients had 717

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Jacqueline N. Poston and Pamela S. Becker

, hospitalization, and antibiotic use. 26 , 36 In a retrospective study, there was benefit to preemptive initiation of G-CSF after chemotherapy but before development of fever, with a shorter duration ( P <.001) and trend toward reduced mortality ( P =.076). 36 In

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H. Joachim Deeg and Marcos de Lima

transplantation as 75 years. The Posttransplant Course A major challenge after HCT transplantation is disease relapse. This problem is currently being approached by modifying conditioning regimens, but also by preemptive or therapeutic treatment, for

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Maxim Norkin and John R. Wingard

Oncol 1997 ; 15 : 139 – 147 . 13. Maertens J Theunissen K Verhoef G . Galactomannan and computed tomography-based preemptive antifungal therapy in neutropenic patients at high risk for invasive fungal infection: a prospective feasibility

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Laura C. Kennedy, Shailender Bhatia, John A. Thompson and Petros Grivas

by Michot et al. 13 Common Themes in PD-1, PD-L1, and CTLA-4 Between Autoimmunity and irAEs There are currently no clinically useful biomarkers that preemptively identify patients who will experience severe irAEs. This lack of predictability adds to

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Chezi Ganzel, Dan Douer and Martin S. Tallman

an early intervention . Leukemia 2007 ; 21 : 446 – 452 . 33. Grimwade D Jovanovic JV Hills RK . Prospective minimal residual disease monitoring to predict relapse of acute promyelocytic leukemia and to direct pre-emptive arsenic

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Pamela S. Becker

SCT . Bone Marrow Transplant 2009 ; 43 : 669 – 677 . 34. Costa LJ Kramer C Hogan KR . Pegfilgrastim- versus filgrastim-based autologous hematopoietic stem cell mobilization in the setting of preemptive use of plerixafor: efficacy and

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Peter E. Clark, Philippe E. Spiess, Neeraj Agarwal, Matthew C. Biagioli, Mario A. Eisenberger, Richard E. Greenberg, Harry W. Herr, Brant A. Inman, Deborah A. Kuban, Timothy M. Kuzel, Subodh M. Lele, Jeff Michalski, Lance Pagliaro, Sumanta K. Pal, Anthony Patterson, Elizabeth R. Plimack, Kamal S. Pohar, Michael P. Porter, Jerome P. Richie, Wade J. Sexton, William U. Shipley, Eric J. Small, Donald L. Trump, Geoffrey Wile, Timothy G. Wilson, Mary Dwyer and Maria Ho

. McDougal WS . Preemptive lymphadenectomy markedly improves survival in patients with cancer of the penis who harbor occult metastases . J Urol 2005 ; 173 : 681 . 78. Sharp DS Angermeier KW . Surgery of penile and urethral carcinoma . In

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Jeffrey Crawford, James Armitage, Lodovico Balducci, Pamela Sue Becker, Douglas W. Blayney, Spero R. Cataland, Mark L. Heaney, Susan Hudock, Dwight D. Kloth, David J. Kuter, Gary H. Lyman, Brandon McMahon, Hope S. Rugo, Ayman A. Saad, Lee S. Schwartzberg, Sepideh Shayani, David P. Steensma, Mahsa Talbott, Saroj Vadhan-Raj, Peter Westervelt, Michael Westmoreland, Mary Dwyer and Maria Ho

mobilization in the setting of preemptive use of plerixafor: efficacy and cost analysis . Transfusion 2012 ; 52 : 2375 – 2381 . 93. Bensinger WI Weaver CH Appelbaum FR . Transplantation of allogeneic peripheral blood stem cells mobilized by

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Andrew D. Zelenetz, Jeremy S. Abramson, Ranjana H. Advani, C. Babis Andreadis, John C. Byrd, Myron S. Czuczman, Luis Fayad, Andres Forero, Martha J. Glenn, Jon P. Gockerman, Leo I. Gordon, Nancy Lee Harris, Richard T. Hoppe, Steven M. Horwitz, Mark S. Kaminski, Youn H. Kim, Ann S. LaCasce, Tariq I. Mughal, Auyporn Nademanee, Pierluigi Porcu, Oliver Press, Leonard Prosnitz, Nashitha Reddy, Mitchell R. Smith, Lubomir Sokol, Lode Swinnen, Julie M. Vose, William G. Wierda, Joachim Yahalom and Furhan Yunus

based on hepatitis B DNA PCR levels, Lau et al. 74 showed that preemptive antiviral treatment with lamivudine was superior to deferred treatment. This study of HBV reactivation was observed in 53% of monitored patients and none in the prophylaxis group