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University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Opportunities for Improvement Project

Tara M. Breslin, Marcy Waldinger, and Samuel M. Silver

Care Center. The UMCCC Breast Care Center was started in 1985, and it was the first academic multidisciplinary breast care clinic. The UMCCC project involved 3 broad goals. The first was to perform an in-depth chart review of each discordant case to

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CRE24-035: Pembrolizumab-Induced Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in a Patient With Breast Cancer: A Case Report and Systematic Review of the Literature

Charlotte S. Walmsley, Michael Andersen Jr., Barbara Lam, Deepa Rangachari, Shana Berwick, and Rushad Patell

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CRE24-043: Effects of Web-Based Interventions on Quality of Life Among Patients With Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Lorinda A. Coombs and Myoungsuk Kim

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HSR24-125: A Narrative Review on Geriatric Assessment and Outcomes in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Differentiating Fit, Frail, and Unfit Patients

Ekaterina Proskuriakova, Iuliia Kovalenko, Chandi Garg, Megan Adams, and Pam G. Khosla

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Molecular Targets and Therapies for Ampullary Cancer

Monica Arun Patel, Jeremy D. Kratz, Alexander S. Carlson, Ysaith Orellana Ascencio, Broc S. Kelley, and Noelle K. LoConte

largely due to dedicated investigation of both histologic and molecular subtypes. For unresectable disease, mapping the histologic origin provides a guide for predicting effective systemic therapy. Multidisciplinary care should review adequate tissue

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BIO19-022: Reducing Patient Waiting Times for Treatment Decision Making, Helps in Improving the Treatment Planning Process

Naresh Ramarajan, Farzana Begum, and Gitika Srivastava

or more to get an online expert review from leading cancer hospitals in the United States and in India. Such delays have an important psychosocial impact on the patient and caregivers. Patients worldwide often race to start treatments at non

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The Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection (PRECEDE) Study is a Global Effort to Drive Early Detection: Baseline Imaging Findings in High-Risk Individuals

George Zogopoulos, Ido Haimi, Shenin A. Sanoba, Jessica N. Everett, Yifan Wang, Bryson W. Katona, James J. Farrell, Aaron J. Grossberg, Salvatore Paiella, Kelsey A. Klute, Yan Bi, Michael B. Wallace, Richard S. Kwon, Elena M. Stoffel, Raymond C. Wadlow, Daniel A. Sussman, Nipun B. Merchant, Jennifer B. Permuth, Talia Golan, Maria Raitses-Gurevich, Andrew M. Lowy, Joy Liau, Joanne M. Jeter, James M. Lindberg, Daniel C. Chung, Julie Earl, Teresa A. Brentnall, Kasmintan A. Schrader, Vivek Kaul, Chenchan Huang, Hersh Chandarana, Caroline Smerdon, John J. Graff, Fay Kastrinos, Sonia S. Kupfer, Aimee L. Lucas, Rosalie C. Sears, Randall E. Brand, Giovanni Parmigiani, Diane M. Simeone, and on behalf of the PRECEDE Consortium

in the Supplemental Methods . Figure 1. Timeline of PRECEDE Consortium milestones. Abbreviations: DCC, data coordinating center; EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; IRB, Institutional Review Board; PRECEDE, Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection

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Interdigitating Dendritic Cell Sarcoma

Venkata K. Pokuri, Mihai Merzianu, Shipra Gandhi, Junaid Baqai, Thom R. Loree, and Seema Bhat

journal CE activity: 1) review the learning objectives and author disclosures; 2) study the education content; 3) take the posttest with a 66% minimum passing score and complete the evaluation at ; and 4) view

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Principles and Techniques of Radiation Therapy for Esophageal and Gastroesophageal Junction Cancers

Lisa Hazard, Gary Yang, Mary Frances McAleer, James Hayman, and Christopher Willett

M Bossuyt PM . Systematic review of the staging performance of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography in esophageal cancer . J Clin Oncol 2004 ; 22 : 3805 – 3812 . 6. DeYoung C Suntharalingam M Line BR . The ability of

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Surgery in the Management of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Robert J. Downey and Lee M. Krug

-celled carcinoma of the bronchus: Ten-year follow-up . Lancet 1973 ; 2 : 63 – 65 . 9 Deslauriers J . Surgery for small cell lung cancer . [Review] Lung Cancer 1997 ; 17 ( Suppl 1 ): S91 – S98 . 10 Prasad US Naylor AR Walker WS . Long