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Adolescents and Young Adults Living With an Uncertain or Poor Cancer Prognosis: The “New” Lost Tribe

Vivian W.G. Burgers, Winette T.A. van der Graaf, Daniël J. van der Meer, Martin G. McCabe, Anita W. Rijneveld, Martin J. van den Bent, and Olga Husson

for AYAs with advanced cancer rarely extended life beyond 1 year. In recent years, the life expectancy of some patients with cancers that are common among AYAs, such as melanoma and Hodgkin lymphoma, have improved significantly following the

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Shades of Survivorship

Elyse R. Park, Jeffrey Peppercorn, and Areej El-Jawahri

disease with prolonged life expectancy who are continuing to receive noncurative therapies. Patients newly diagnosed with cancer who are receiving active therapy with curative intent may benefit from a more nuanced term to describe their concerns and

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Update on PSA Testing

Mark L. Gonzalgo and H. Ballentine Carter

life expectancies . JAMA 2006 ; 296 : 2336 – 2342 . 32. Roehrborn CG Boyle P Gould AL . Serum prostate-specific antigen as a predictor of prostate volume in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia . Urology 1999 ; 53 : 581 – 589

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Is Primary Androgen Deprivation Therapy a Suitable Option for Asian Patients With Prostate Cancer Compared With Radical Prostatectomy?

U-Syn Ha, Jin Bong Choi, Jung Im Shim, Minjoo Kang, Eunjung Park, Shinhee Kang, Jooyeon Park, Jangmi Yang, Insun Choi, Jeonghoon Ahn, Cheol Kwak, Chang Wook Jeong, Choung Soo Kim, Seok-Soo Byun, Seong Il Seo, Hyun Moo Lee, Seung-Ju Lee, Seung Hwan Lee, Byung Ha Chung, and Ji Youl Lee

based on a Japanese population, patients with localized and locally advanced prostate cancer treated with PADT were likely to have a life expectancy similar to that of the normal population. 7 Therefore, the authors suggested that, at least for older

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Institutional Review of Compliance With NCCN Guidelines for Breast Cancer: Lessons Learned From Real-Time Multidimensional Synoptic Reporting

Titilayo O. Adegboyega, Jeffrey Landercasper, Jared H. Linebarger, Jeanne M. Johnson, Jeremiah J. Andersen, Leah L. Dietrich, Collin D. Driscoll, Meghana Raghavendra, Anusha R. Madadi, Mohammed Al-Hamadani, Choua A. Vang, Kristen A. Marcou, Jane Hudak, and Ronald S. Go

. Understanding reasons for noncompliance can potentially aid a national quality strategy. The nonquality reasons for lack of receipt of recommended therapy were comorbidities, limited life expectancy, patient refusal, patient choice after shared decision

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Assessing Cognitive Function and Capacity in Older Adults With Cancer

June M. McKoy, Peggy S. Burhenn, Ilene S. Browner, Kari L. Loeser, Katrina M. Tulas, Megan R. Oden, and Randall W. Rupper

. Many older patients may retain both sufficient physical and cognitive reserve to successfully complete chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgical treatment, despite their chronologic age. For example, the life expectancy of a healthy 80-year

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New Meets Old: A Case Study and Review of Novel Therapeutics for the Treatment of CLL in Older Patients

Neel K. Gupta and Charalambos Andreadis

expectancy, and therefore potentially appropriate for intensive therapy irrespective of chronologic age (so called “go-go” patients); medically less fit with multiple or severe comorbidities and an unknown life expectancy (“slow-go” patients); or medically

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The Role of Iron Chelation Therapy for Patients With Myelodysplastic Syndromes

David P. Steensma

refractory cytopenias with multilineage dysplasia or RA with excess blasts, presumably because of the shorter overall life expectancy of these patients because of higher-risk intrinsic disease factors. After the Italian results were published in 2005

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Integration of Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment and Late Effects Guidelines: Seeing the Forest Beyond the Trees

Matthew J. Ehrhardt, Jamie E. Flerlage, Saro H. Armenian, Sharon M. Castellino, David C. Hodgson, and Melissa M. Hudson

estimates from multiple datasets, they simulated differences in late health outcomes and quality-adjusted life expectancy between chemotherapy-only and combined-modality regimens. 70 Similarly, Bhakta et al 71 simulated life expectancy and quality of life

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Potential Cost-Effectiveness of Risk-Based Pancreatic Cancer Screening in Patients With New-Onset Diabetes

Naomi R.M. Schwartz, Lynn M. Matrisian, Eva E. Shrader, Ziding Feng, Suresh Chari, and Joshua A. Roth

PAC was derived from a report of life expectancy and cause-specific mortality ratios for patients with diabetes (vs general population) from the peer-reviewed literature 14 applied to life tables from the US Life Tables. 15 Health-Related Quality