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Neelima N. Nallapaneni, Rajesh Mourya, Vijaya Raj Bhatt, Sakshi Malhotra, Apar Kishor Ganti, and Ketki K. Tendulkar

-positive melanoma of skin involving left anterior chest wall, pleura, and inguinal lymph node, which was diagnosed 2 years before his presentation to the emergency room. When the disease progressed after therapy with vemurafenib and a high dose of interleukin-2, the

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Priyanka V. Gumaste, Nathaniel H. Fleming, Ines Silva, Richard L. Shapiro, Russell S. Berman, Judy Zhong, Iman Osman, and Jennifer A. Stein

patients with NAM who received systemic therapy after an initial recurrence, 1 (3%) was treated with ipilimumab and 1 (3%) with vemurafenib. Poor Survival Outcomes in ALM versus NAM Kaplan-Meier analysis was used to determine melanoma

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Alexandra O. Sokolova, Brian H. Shirts, Eric Q. Konnick, Ginger J. Tsai, Bernardo H.L. Goulart, Bruce Montgomery, Colin C. Pritchard, Evan Y. Yu, and Heather H. Cheng

survival, from PROFILE 1001. Ann Oncol 2019 ; 30 : 1121 – 1126 . 30980071 2. Dummer R , Ascierto PA , Gogas HJ , . Overall survival in patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma receiving encorafenib plus binimetinib versus vemurafenib or encorafenib

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Sri Harsha Tella, Anuhya Kommalapati, Apar Kishor Ganti, and Alissa S. Marr

such as ipilimumab and vemurafenib in 2011, we analyzed the median OS difference before (2004–2010) and after 2011 (2012–2015) in T3 facilities and found that the median OS for patients with stage IV disease managed at T3 facilities after 2011 was

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Priscilla K. Brastianos, William T. Curry, and Kevin S. Oh

-naïve patients harboring the V600E mutation, and 31% in previously treated patients with the mutation. 87 Case reports have also shown promising results for the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib in brain metastases. 88 Ipilimumab, an anti-CTLA4 monoclonal antibody

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Paul F. Engstrom, Mara G. Bloom, George Daniel Demetri, Phillip G. Febbo, William Goeckeler, Marc Ladanyi, Bryan Loy, Kate Murphy, Michael Nerenberg, Paul Papagni, Mark Robson, Robert W. Sweetman, Sean Tunis, Jessica DeMartino, and Jonathan K. Larsen

testing is increasingly being used to direct cancer treatment, increasing the probability that patients will benefit from therapy. The recent FDA approval of vemurafenib, a treatment for late-stage melanoma, simultaneously with a companion diagnostic (the

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Katy Winckworth-Prejsnar, Elizabeth A. Nardi, Lisa Korin Lentz, Jeffrey A. Crawford, C. Lyn Fitzgerald, and Robert W. Carlson

trials can make important strides in the overall understanding of biomarkers in cancer care and contribute to precision medicine. BRAF V600 mutations occur in various nonmelanoma cancers, and Hyman et al 8 sought to explore the use of vemurafenib

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Kevin O’Brien, Rahul Dave, Skand Shekhar, Fady Hannah-Shmouni, Leora E. Comis, Beth I. Solomon, Marcus Chen, William A. Gahl, Edmond FitzGibbon, Bernadette R. Gochuico, and Juvianee I. Estrada-Veras

.1177/1078155220953877 15. Janson B , Whittle J , Witney K , Use of vemurafenib in a patient unable to swallow whole . J Oncol Pharm Pract 2016 ; 22 : 733 – 737 . 10.1177/1078155215603231 16. Arnold-Korzeniowsk K . Trametinib (Mekinist

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Andrea Maurichi, Francesco Barretta, Roberto Patuzzo, Rosalba Miceli, Gianfranco Gallino, Ilaria Mattavelli, Consuelo Barbieri, Andrea Leva, Martina Angi, Francesco Baldo Lanza, Giuseppe Spadola, Mara Cossa, Francesco Nesa, Umberto Cortinovis, Laura Sala, Lorenza Di Guardo, Carolina Cimminiello, Michele Del Vecchio, Barbara Valeri, and Mario Santinami

BRAF-mutated melanoma . N Engl J Med 2017 ; 377 : 1813 – 1823 . 10.1056/NEJMoa1708539 28891408 7. Maio M , Lewis K , Demidov L , Adjuvant vemurafenib in resected, BRAF V600 mutation-positive melanoma (BRIM8): a randomised

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David G. Pfister, Kie-Kian Ang, David M. Brizel, Barbara Burtness, Anthony J. Cmelak, A. Dimitrios Colevas, Frank Dunphy, David W. Eisele, Jill Gilbert, Maura L. Gillison, Robert I. Haddad, Bruce H. Haughey, Wesley L. Hicks Jr., Ying J. Hitchcock, Merrill S. Kies, William M. Lydiatt, Ellie Maghami, Renato Martins, Thomas McCaffrey, Bharat B. Mittal, Harlan A. Pinto, John A. Ridge, Sandeep Samant, Giuseppe Sanguineti, David E. Schuller, Jatin P. Shah, Sharon Spencer, Andrea Trotti III, Randal S. Weber, Gregory Wolf, and Frank Worden

Therefore, imatinib is reasonable to use in patients with MM who have c-KIT mutations. 52 Although vemurafenib is recommended for patients with cutaneous melanoma who have the V600E mutation of the BRAF gene, patients with MM rarely have this BRAF