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Henry G. Kaplan

and MEK, and encouraging trials have been completed combining vemurafenib with trametinib, an inhibitor of MEK, in the treatment of this disease. 16 - 18 Resistance to vemurafenib has been shown in BRAF -mutated colon cancer in vitro to be mediated

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Michelle C. Nguyen, Manisha H. Shah, David A. Liebner, Floor J. Backes, John Phay, and Lawrence A. Shirley

thereafter, and she was started on trametinib but stopped after 1 cycle due to adverse reactions. A third-line therapy with pembrolizumab at 2 mg/kg administered intravenously every 21 days was initiated, resulting in significant response. After 30 cycles of

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Vaia Florou, Christopher Nevala-Plagemann, Jonathan Whisenant, Patricia Maeda, Glynn W. Gilcrease, and Ignacio Garrido-Laguna

NTRK1 . JCO Precis Oncol 2020 ; 4 : 79 – 90 . 32133433 10.1200/PO.19.00287 24. Long GV , Flaherty KT , Stroyakovskiy D , Dabrafenib plus trametinib versus dabrafenib monotherapy in patients with metastatic BRAF V600E/K-mutant melanoma

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Presenters: Dara L. Aisner and Gregory J. Riely

treatment with the dabrafenib and trametinib regimen. A spectrum of other BRAF mutations are currently under study. For ALK and ROS1 rearrangements, testing looks for a fusion event that leads to aberrant expression and signaling. Biomarker testing

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Louis Burt Nabors, Jana Portnow, Manmeet Ahluwalia, Joachim Baehring, Henry Brem, Steven Brem, Nicholas Butowski, Jian L. Campian, Stephen W. Clark, Andrew J. Fabiano, Peter Forsyth, Jona Hattangadi-Gluth, Matthias Holdhoff, Craig Horbinski, Larry Junck, Thomas Kaley, Priya Kumthekar, Jay S. Loeffler, Maciej M. Mrugala, Seema Nagpal, Manjari Pandey, Ian Parney, Katherine Peters, Vinay K. Puduvalli, Ian Robins, Jason Rockhill, Chad Rusthoven, Nicole Shonka, Dennis C. Shrieve, Lode J. Swinnen, Stephanie Weiss, Patrick Yung Wen, Nicole E. Willmarth, Mary Anne Bergman, and Susan D. Darlow

efficacious in BRAF-mutated low-grade gliomas, particularly PXA, with an ORR of 42.9% (n=7), median PFS of 5.7 months, and median OS not reached. 50 Another phase II trial including 10 patients with low-grade glioma showed that dabrafenib/trametinib was

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Andrea Maurichi, Francesco Barretta, Roberto Patuzzo, Rosalba Miceli, Gianfranco Gallino, Ilaria Mattavelli, Consuelo Barbieri, Andrea Leva, Martina Angi, Francesco Baldo Lanza, Giuseppe Spadola, Mara Cossa, Francesco Nesa, Umberto Cortinovis, Laura Sala, Lorenza Di Guardo, Carolina Cimminiello, Michele Del Vecchio, Barbara Valeri, and Mario Santinami

melanoma (EORTC 18071): a randomised, double-blind, phase 3 trial . Lancet Oncol 2015 ; 16 : 522 – 530 . 25840693 10.1016/S1470-2045(15)70122-1 6. Long GV , Hauschild A , Santinami M , Adjuvant dabrafenib plus trametinib in stage III

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NCCN Guidelines® Insights: Melanoma: Cutaneous, Version 2.2021

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

Susan M. Swetter, John A. Thompson, Mark R. Albertini, Christopher A. Barker, Joel Baumgartner, Genevieve Boland, Bartosz Chmielowski, Dominick DiMaio, Alison Durham, Ryan C. Fields, Martin D. Fleming, Anjela Galan, Brian Gastman, Kenneth Grossmann, Samantha Guild, Ashley Holder, Douglas Johnson, Richard W. Joseph, Giorgos Karakousis, Kari Kendra, Julie R. Lange, Ryan Lanning, Kim Margolin, Anthony J. Olszanski, Patrick A. Ott, Merrick I. Ross, April K. Salama, Rohit Sharma, Joseph Skitzki, Jeffrey Sosman, Evan Wuthrick, Nicole R. McMillian, and Anita M. Engh

, with vemurafenib/cobimetinib/atezolizumab as category 2A and dabrafenib/trametinib/pembrolizumab as category 2B. Summary and Conclusions Advances in melanoma diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy will continue with ongoing investigation of various

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Amar Gajjar, Anita Mahajan, Mohamed Abdelbaki, Clarke Anderson, Reuben Antony, Tejus Bale, Ranjit Bindra, Daniel C. Bowers, Kenneth Cohen, Bonnie Cole, Kathleen Dorris, Ralph Ermoian, Andrea Franson, Jeffrey Helgager, Daniel Landi, Chi Lin, Laura Metrock, Ronica Nanda, Joshua Palmer, Sonia Partap, Ashley Plant, Sumit Pruthi, Renee Reynolds, Paul Ruggieri, Duncan Stearns, Phillip Storm, Anthony Wang, Katherine Warren, Nicholas Whipple, Wafik Zaky, Nicole R. McMillian, and Lenora A. Pluchino

and reports. 91 , 92 In one such case series, 3 pediatric patients with BRAF V600E–mutated high-grade gliomas exhibited clinical responses to combined BRAF/MEK blockade using dabrafenib and trametinib. 91 One patient who received the combination as

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Jessica S.W. Borgers, Richard P. Tobin, Robert J. Torphy, Victoria M. Vorwald, Robert J. Van Gulick, Carol M. Amato, Dasha T. Cogswell, Tugs-Saikhan Chimed, Kasey L. Couts, Adrie Van Bokhoven, Christopher D. Raeburn, Karl D. Lewis, Joshua Wisell, Martin D. McCarter, Rao R. Mushtaq, and William A. Robinson

the antitumor immune response (eg, IL-2). Molecular targeted therapies were defined as treatments designed to target specific molecules involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells, and included dabrafenib, trametinib, cobimetinib, vemurafenib

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Kristen Keon Ciombor and Tanios Bekaii-Saab

JR . Pharmacodynamic and efficacy analysis of the BRAF inhibitor dabrafenib (GSK436) in combination with the MEK inhibitor trametinib (GSK212) in patients with BRAFV600 mutant colorectal cancer [abstract] . J Clin Oncol 2013 ; 31 ( Suppl