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Michael L. Durando, Sanjay V. Menghani, Jessica L. Baumann, Danny G. Robles, Tovah A. Day, Cyrus Vaziri, and Aaron J. Scott

differentiated neoplasm (left) infiltrating the adjacent colonic mucosa (right). Images are 8.5 × 6 cm. Approximately 1 month postresection, MRI showed a large, vascularized, centrally necrotic mass in the left-upper quadrant (LUQ) measuring 10 × 12 × 11 cm

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Anisley Valenciaga, O. Hans Iwenofu, and Gabriel Tinoco

image of MRI showing hypointense large soft tissue mass (3.1 × 5.3 × 5.0 cm) in the right neck (yellow arrow) while patient was receiving pazopanib prior to radiation therapy. Following radiation, the patient experienced considerable pain in her

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Arif Kamal, Tian Zhang, Steve Power, and P. Kelly Marcom

disease in asymptomatic patients. 4 This was further demonstrated by a recent meta-analysis showing that preoperative MRI did not reduce long-term breast cancer recurrence. 5 Furthermore, increased imaging can have inadequate specificity, leading to

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Joshua K. Sabari, John V. Heymach, and Beth Sandy

permitted. Active CNS metastases: untreated or treated and progressing; measurable CNS metastases: ≥10 mm in longest diameter by contrast-enhanced MRI. Table 2. Meaningful Clinical Benefit of Mobocertinib in PPP and EXCLAIM Extension Cohorts 41

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Angela K. Green, Deborah Korenstein, Carol Aghajanian, Brooke Barrow, Michael Curry, and Roisin E. O’Cearbhaill

surveillance imaging within our institution and not through an outside provider or hospital. Frequency of unique events for CT or MRI of the chest, abdomen, and/or pelvis in the year after completion of first-line chemotherapy was calculated for patients

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Sapho X. Roodbeen, Marta Penna, Susan van Dieren, Brendan Moran, Paris Tekkis, Pieter J. Tanis, Roel Hompes, and on behalf of the International TaTME Registry Collaborative

patients on the staging MRI scan. Approximately two-thirds of patients received some form of NAT. After NAT, good tumor regression grade was reported in 46% of patients. A low anterior resection was performed in most patients (91%). Complete details on

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David S. Ettinger, Wallace Akerley, Gerold Bepler, Matthew G. Blum, Andrew Chang, Richard T. Cheney, Lucian R. Chirieac, Thomas A. D'Amico, Todd L. Demmy, Ramaswamy Govindan, Frederic W. Grannis Jr., Thierry Jahan, David H. Johnson, Anne Kessinger, Ritsuko Komaki, Feng-Ming Kong, Mark G. Kris, Lee M. Krug, Quynh-Thu Le, Inga T. Lennes, Renato Martins, Janis O'Malley, Raymond U. Osarogiagbon, Gregory A. Otterson, Jyoti D. Patel, Katherine M. Pisters, Karen Reckamp, Gregory J. Riely, Eric Rohren, Scott J. Swanson, Douglas E. Wood, and Stephen C. Yang

function tests and MRI of the chest can also be done if clinically indicated. On CT, thymoma can look like malignant mesothelioma; however, pleural effusion does not typically occur with thymoma. Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and β–human chorionic gonadotropin (β

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Juan Francisco Rodríguez-Moreno, María Apellaniz-Ruiz, Juan María Roldan-Romero, Ignacio Durán, Luis Beltrán, Cristina Montero-Conde, Alberto Cascón, Mercedes Robledo, Jesus García-Donas, and Cristina Rodríguez-Antona

palliative radiotherapy Figure 1. (A) Initial tumor dissemination detected by PET/CT (arrows). (B) MRI showing skull metastasis (arrow), which was surgically removed in 2015. for a painful right iliac metastasis and started sunitinib treatment

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Surekha Yadav

imaging (CT/MRI) with 18F-FDG PETCT and to elaborate on the diagnostic accuracy of functional PET imaging over conventional imaging techniques. MATERIAL AND METHODS : An aggressive tumor of the young, Ewing sarcoma. Is around 15% of all bone tumors. We

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So Kato

enough to impair structural integrity; OVF is caused by universal trabecular thinning that renders a vertebra unable to tolerate the physiologic load. MRI is considered the imaging modality with the strongest discriminant capability, enabling