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Patient Case Studies and Panel Discussion: Lymphoma

poor patient outcomes. At the NCCN 2019 Annual Congress: Hematologic Malignancies, a panel of experts identified clinical challenges in managing patients with lymphoma. Moderated by Ranjana H. Advani, MD, Saul A. Rosenberg Professor of Lymphoma

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NCCN Guidelines Insights: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Version 1.2019

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

Patrick A. Brown, Matthew Wieduwilt, Aaron Logan, Daniel J. DeAngelo, Eunice S. Wang, Amir Fathi, Ryan D. Cassaday, Mark Litzow, Anjali Advani, Patricia Aoun, Bhavana Bhatnagar, Michael W. Boyer, Teresa Bryan, Patrick W. Burke, Peter F. Coccia, Steven E. Coutre, Nitin Jain, Suzanne Kirby, Arthur Liu, Stephanie Massaro, Ryan J. Mattison, Olalekan Oluwole, Nikolaos Papadantonakis, Jae Park, Jeffrey E. Rubnitz, Geoffrey L. Uy, Kristina M. Gregory, Ndiya Ogba, and Bijal Shah

-line therapy. Relative to treatment outcomes in pediatric and young adult patients with ALL, prolonged survival rates for older adults, especially those aged >60 years, remain low at approximately 20%. 1 – 3 In Philadelphia chromosome (Ph)−positive ALL

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NCCN Guidelines Insights: T-Cell Lymphomas, Version 1.2021

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

Steven M. Horwitz, Stephen Ansell, Weiyun Z. Ai, Jeffrey Barnes, Stefan K. Barta, Mark W. Clemens, Ahmet Dogan, Aaron M. Goodman, Gaurav Goyal, Joan Guitart, Ahmad Halwani, Bradley M. Haverkos, Richard T. Hoppe, Eric Jacobsen, Deepa Jagadeesh, Allison Jones, Youn H. Kim, Neha Mehta-Shah, Elise A. Olsen, Barbara Pro, Saurabh A. Rajguru, Sima Rozati, Jonathan Said, Aaron Shaver, Andrei Shustov, Lubomir Sokol, Pallawi Torka, Carlos Torres-Cabala, Ryan Wilcox, Basem M. William, Jasmine Zain, Mary A. Dwyer, and Hema Sundar

antigen (HLA) typing is recommended for all patients eligible for transplant, because HSTCL is associated with a poor outcome in the absence of a consolidative allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant (HCT). Early referral to transplant is advisable for

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Benefits Associated with an Early Hemoglobin Response to Epoetin Alfa Therapy in the Treatment of Chemotherapy-Related Anemia

Susana M. Campos, Mei Sheng Duh, Patrick Lefebvre, and James Rosberg

Higginbotham P . Correlates of fatigue during and following adjuvant breast cancer chemotherapy: a pilot study . Oncol Nur Forum 2000 ; 27 : 1443 – 1448 . 8 Berger AM VonEssen S Kuhn BR . Adherence, sleep, and fatigue outcomes after adjuvant

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Myelodysplastic Syndromes, Version 2.2015

Peter L. Greenberg, Richard M. Stone, Rafael Bejar, John M. Bennett, Clara D. Bloomfield, Uma Borate, Carlos M. De Castro, H. Joachim Deeg, Amy E. DeZern, Amir T. Fathi, Olga Frankfurt, Karin Gaensler, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, Elizabeth A. Griffiths, David Head, Virginia Klimek, Rami Komrokji, Lisa A. Kujawski, Lori J. Maness, Margaret R. O’Donnell, Daniel A. Pollyea, Bart Scott, Paul J. Shami, Brady L. Stein, Peter Westervelt, Benton Wheeler, Dorothy A. Shead, and Courtney Smith

has always factored into patient care, a greater number of treatment protocols are now available across which clinicians must evaluate the advantage to patient outcome, possibility of adverse events, effect on quality of life, and degree of patient

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Monitoring Molecular Response to Tyrosine Kinase Therapy in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

Jerald P. Radich

has been nothing short of remarkable. “This shows how the power of a really good drug with a defined target can impact the natural history of disease,” explained Dr. Radich. The long-term outcomes from the well-known International Randomized Study of

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Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma: Optimizing Therapy for Relapsed/Refractory Disease

Presented by: Matthew J. Matasar

With only approximately half of patients eligible to receive curative autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT), outcomes remain poor for patients with relapsed/refractory (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). At the NCCN 2021 Virtual

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Updates in the Management of CLL/SLL: Sequencing Therapy and the Role of Minimal Residual Disease Testing

Presented by: William G. Wierda

status correlates with clinical outcomes, therefore making it a good early indicator of response and expected outcomes, noted William G. Wierda, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, at the NCCN 2020 Virtual

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Survivorship: Healthy Lifestyles, Version 2.2014

Crystal S. Denlinger, Jennifer A. Ligibel, Madhuri Are, K. Scott Baker, Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Don Dizon, Debra L. Friedman, Mindy Goldman, Lee Jones, Allison King, Grace H. Ku, Elizabeth Kvale, Terry S. Langbaum, Kristin Leonardi-Warren, Mary S. McCabe, Michelle Melisko, Jose G. Montoya, Kathi Mooney, Mary Ann Morgan, Javid J. Moslehi, Tracey O’Connor, Linda Overholser, Electra D. Paskett, Jeffrey Peppercorn, Muhammad Raza, M. Alma Rodriguez, Karen L. Syrjala, Susan G. Urba, Mark T. Wakabayashi, Phyllis Zee, Nicole R. McMillian, and Deborah A. Freedman-Cass

Lifestyles Healthy lifestyle habits, such as engaging in routine physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet and weight, and avoiding tobacco use, have been associated with improved health outcomes and quality of life. For some cancers, a healthy

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Hidden Disparities: How Language Influences Patients’ Access to Cancer Care

Debbie W. Chen, Mousumi Banerjee, Xin He, Lesley Miranda, Maya Watanabe, Christine M. Veenstra, and Megan R. Haymart

about individual members, employees, or staff of the organization that is the subject of this research. Outcome Measures The primary outcome was whether the simulated patient caller was provided with the next steps to access cancer care (yes