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Gary H. Lyman

: DeVita VT Jr Hellman S Rosenberg SA , eds. Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology. Vol 7 . Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams and Wilkins ; 2005 : 295 – 306 . 23 Skipper HE . Kinetics of mammary tumor cell growth and implications

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Dung T. Le and Elizabeth M. Jaffee

-Tricom vaccine, 18 patients who were predicted to have indolent disease using the Halabi prediction nomogram 19 lived a median of more than 37.3 months. This suggests that if the kinetics of tumor growth outpace the kinetics of immune induction, then

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Antonio Di Meglio, Nancy U. Lin, Rachel A. Freedman, William T. Barry, Eric P. Winer, and Ines Vaz-Luis

testing. Abbreviation: TM, tumor marker. workup for metastatic disease. 5 Nevertheless, in both, TM testing is given as an option for monitoring mBC. 5 , 10 The kinetics of CEA and CA 15-3 have been retrospectively correlated with treatment

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Peter R. Carroll, J. Kellogg Parsons, Gerald Andriole, Robert R. Bahnson, Daniel A. Barocas, William J. Catalona, Douglas M. Dahl, John W. Davis, Jonathan I. Epstein, Ruth B. Etzioni, Veda N. Giri, George P. Hemstreet III, Mark H. Kawachi, Paul H. Lange, Kevin R. Loughlin, William Lowrance, Paul Maroni, James Mohler, Todd M. Morgan, Robert B. Nadler, Michael Poch, Chuck Scales, Terrence M. Shanefelt, Andrew J. Vickers, Robert Wake, Dorothy A. Shead, and Maria Ho

other factors (eg, age, ethnicity, family history, PSA kinetics) should also inform the decision to perform a biopsy. Several panel members also noted that risk calculators could be used in appropriately selected men. These calculators have been

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Shailender Bhatia and John A. Thompson

routine use of maintenance dosing of ipilimumab is currently not recommended, although reinduction doses may be considered at disease progression in patients who have clearly benefitted from induction doses of ipilimumab. Response Kinetics and Patterns

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David Y. Oh, Alan P. Venook, and Lawrence Fong

to future investigations of CRC immunotherapy. Clinical Considerations With Immunotherapies The kinetics of clinical responses can be very different with immunotherapies. A common feature of several of the approved immune therapies (in

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Chezi Ganzel, Dan Douer, and Martin S. Tallman

PML/RARα Analysis in a Patient Treated With ATO The kinetics of leukemia cell clearance after the use of ATO is significantly different from that of ATRA-based therapy. Thus, a group from India tried to explore, prospectively, the most informative

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Thomas Prebet and Steven D. Gore

-trans retinoic acid plus arsenic trioxide as an alternative to chemotherapy in untreated acute promyelocytic leukemia . Blood 2006 ; 32 : 3469 – 3473 . 31. Burnett AK Grimwade D Solomon E . Presenting white blood cell count and kinetics of

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Paul G. Richardson, Teru Hideshima, Constantine Mitsiades, and Kenneth C. Anderson

factors and kinetics of thrombocytopenia associated with bortezomib for relapsed, refractory multiple myeloma . Blood 2005 ; 106 : 3777 – 3784 . 51. Richardson PG Briemberg H Jagannath S . Frequency, characteristics, and reversibility of

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Neelima N. Nallapaneni, Rajesh Mourya, Vijaya Raj Bhatt, Sakshi Malhotra, Apar Kishor Ganti, and Ketki K. Tendulkar

: 1376 – 1385 . 3. Weber JS Kahler KC Hauschild A . Management of immune-related adverse events and kinetics of response with ipilimumab . J Clin Oncol 2012 ; 30 : 2691 – 2697 . 4. Weber JS Dummer R de Pril V . Patterns of onset