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Molecular Profiling in Cutaneous Melanoma

Andrew L. Ji, Christopher K. Bichakjian, and Susan M. Swetter

. Rafique I Kirkwood JM Tarhini AA . Immune checkpoint blockade and interferon-α in melanoma . Semin Oncol 2015 ; 42 : 436 – 447 .

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Evolving Paradigms in HIV Malignancies: Review of Ongoing Clinical Trials

Rachel A. Bender Ignacio, Lilie L. Lin, Lakshmi Rajdev, and Elizabeth Chiao

, IMiDs, sirolimus, rituximab, and interferon-α, with or without cytotoxic chemotherapy per underlying disease (NCT00092222). AMC-098 is studying nelfinavir, an early-generation HIV protease inhibitor once abandoned for its off-target effects, and more

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Pelvic Bone Sarcomas: Controversies and Treatment Options

Carol D. Morris

Osteosarcoma Group (EURAMOS) is randomizing postoperative systemic treatment to additional ifosfamide and etoposide, or interferon-α based on specimen necrosis. The benefit of this approach for treating patients with pelvic tumors is currently unknown

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How to Choose Frontline Therapy for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: So Many Drugs, Not So Many Patients

Paul J. Shami

. IRIS The International Randomized Study of Interferon and STI571 (IRIS) study established imatinib as the standard of care for CP-CML. 3 This study randomly assigned 1106 patients to receive either the combination of interferon-α and low

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Role of Immunotherapy for Renal Cell Cancer in 2011

Saby George, Roberto Pili, Michael A. Carducci, and Jenny J. Kim

a retrospective analysis of 460 patients from various trials who received interferon-α, Motzer et al. 28 observed that the median time to progression was 4.7 months and the median overall survival was 13 months. This study was able to identify the

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NCCN Task Force Report: mTOR Inhibition in Solid Tumors

Robert A. Figlin, Elizabeth Brown, Andrew J. Armstrong, Wallace Akerley, Al B. Benson III, Harold J. Burstein, David S. Ettinger, Phillip G. Febbo, Matthew G. Fury, Gary R. Hudes, Merrill S. Kies, Eunice L. Kwak, Robert J. Morgan Jr., Joanne Mortimer, Karen Reckamp, Alan P. Venook, Frank Worden, and Yun Yen

-line treatment may have a greater benefit than interferon in this group. Results of another phase I trial of the combination of temsirolimus and interferon-α were reported at the same time as this phase II study. 18 This trial showed the combination was feasible

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Systemic Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma in 2012: Dawn of a New Era

Shailender Bhatia and John A. Thompson

-associated toxicities, and paucity of predictive biomarkers. Biochemotherapy regimens that combine cytotoxic agents with interferon-α and/or IL-2 have sometimes been associated with higher ORR, but this approach did not result in reproducible significant improvement in

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Experimental Therapies and Clinical Trials in Bone Sarcoma

Rashmi Chugh

or without pegylated interferon α2b (PEG-IFNα2b). Patients who achieve a poor histologic response are randomized to maintenance MAP with or without ifosfamide and etoposide. The first question the study seeks to answer is whether the addition of

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Myeloproliferative Neoplasms, Version 3.2022, NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology

Aaron T. Gerds, Jason Gotlib, Haris Ali, Prithviraj Bose, Andrew Dunbar, Amro Elshoury, Tracy I. George, Krishna Gundabolu, Elizabeth Hexner, Gabriela S. Hobbs, Tania Jain, Catriona Jamieson, Paul R. Kaesberg, Andrew T. Kuykendall, Yazan Madanat, Brandon McMahon, Sanjay R. Mohan, Kalyan V. Nadiminti, Stephen Oh, Animesh Pardanani, Nikolai Podoltsev, Lindsay Rein, Rachel Salit, Brady L. Stein, Moshe Talpaz, Pankit Vachhani, Martha Wadleigh, Sarah Wall, Dawn C. Ward, Mary Anne Bergman, and Cindy Hochstetler

-essential thrombocythemia myelofibrosis: a study of the MYSEC project . Haematologica 2018 ; 103 : e392 – 394 . 10.3324/haematol.2017.185751 29622658 91. Ianotto JC , Boyer-Perrard F , Gyan E , Efficacy and safety of pegylated-interferon α-2a in

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Practical Monitoring of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: When to Change Treatment

Giuseppe Saglio and Carmen Fava

therapy strictly correlate with the risk of progression and are the most important prognostic factor for the long-term outcome of patients with CML. This concept was first shown for patients treated with interferon-α, the first agent capable of inducing a