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Randomized Trial of a Smartphone Mobile App to Improve Symptoms and Adherence to Oral Therapy for Cancer

Joseph A. Greer, Jamie M. Jacobs, Nicole Pensak, Lauren E. Nisotel, Joel N. Fishbein, James J. MacDonald, Molly E. Ream, Emily A. Walsh, Joanne Buzaglo, Alona Muzikansky, Inga T. Lennes, Steven A. Safren, William F. Pirl, and Jennifer S. Temel

higher scores indicating greater perceived social support. Statistical Analyses SPSS Statistics, version 22.0 (IBM Corp) was used to conduct the analyses. Patient baseline characteristics were described using measures of central tendency or proportions

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Early Postoperative Mortality Among Patients Aged 75 Years or Older With Stage II/III Rectal Cancer

Helmneh M. Sineshaw, K. Robin Yabroff, V. Liana Tsikitis, Ahmedin Jemal, and Timur Mitin

study period by diagnosis year. Statistical Analysis We conducted descriptive analyses for patient characteristics by age group. We calculated the proportion of patients who died within 30 days, 90 days, and 6 months after surgical treatment by age

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Conditional Survival of Patients With Nonmetastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: How Cancer-Specific Mortality Changes After Nephrectomy

Carlotta Palumbo, Francesco A. Mistretta, Sophie Knipper, Angela Pecoraro, Zhe Tian, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Fred Saad, Claudio Simeone, Alberto Briganti, Alessandro Antonelli, and Pierre I. Karakiewicz

). Results General Characteristics of the Study Population From 2001 through 2015, 77,892 patients with nmRCC were identified, 26,562 (34.1%) of whom were treated with partial nephrectomy and 51,330 (65.9%) with radical nephrectomy. Stage distribution was as

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Comparing the Association Between Insurance and Mortality in Ovarian, Pancreatic, Lung, Colorectal, Prostate, and Breast Cancers

Alexander P. Cole, Chang Lu, Marieke J. Krimphove, Julie Szymaniak, Maxine Sun, Sean A. Fletcher, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Brandon A. Mahal, Paul L. Nguyen, Toni K. Choueiri, Adam S. Kibel, Adil H. Haider, and Quoc-Dien Trinh

-level covariates included age, sex (where applicable), race (white, black, other, unknown), and marital status. Other demographic variables included income, residence type, and education (based on subjects’ county of residence). Tumor characteristics included

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Association Between Pretreatment Skeletal Muscle and Outcomes After CAR T-Cell Therapy

Kyuwan Lee, Aleksi Iukuridze, Tianhui He, Alysia Bosworth, Lanie Lindenfeld, Jennifer Berano Teh, Meagan Echevarria, Sophia Albanese, Liezl Atencio, Rusha Bhandari, F. Lennie Wong, Andrew S. Artz, Tanya Siddiqi, Liana Nikolaenko, Jasmine Zain, Matthew Mei, Geoffrey Shouse, Leslie L. Popplewell, Alex F. Herrera, L. Elizabeth Budde, Stephen J. Forman, and Saro H. Armenian

and L. Atencio), who were blinded to patient characteristics and outcomes. Muscle area was normalized for height (cm 2 /m 2 ) 28 and reported as lumbar skeletal muscle index (SMI). Skeletal muscle radiodensity (SMD), typically used to determine

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Relationship Between Longitudinal Coping Strategies and Outcomes in Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Hermioni L. Amonoo, Elizabeth Daskalakis, Emma C. Deary, Monica H. Bodd, Matthew J. Reynolds, Ashley M. Nelson, Richard Newcomb, Tejaswini M. Dhawale, Daniel Yang, Selina M. Luger, Jillian L. Gustin, Andrew Brunner, Amir T. Fathi, Thomas W. LeBlanc, and Areej El-Jawahri

.0 (StataCorp LLC). First, to summarize participants’ baseline characteristics, we used descriptive statistics (eg, mean, standard deviation) for continuous variables, depending on the normality of the data, and proportions for categorical variables. A 2-sided

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Incident Cardiovascular Diseases Among Survivors of High-Risk Stage II–III Colorectal Cancer: A Cluster-Wide Cohort Study

Shing Fung Lee, Pui Lam Yip, Balamurugan A. Vellayappan, Cheng Ean Chee, Lea Choung Wong, Eric Yuk-Fai Wan, Esther Wai-Yin Chan, Chak-Fei Lee, Francis Ann-Shing Lee, and Miguel Angel Luque-Fernandez

were retrieved from the same geographic district of Hong Kong. Statistical Analysis We describe statistics for demographics, follow-up duration, and prevalence of characteristics. Continuous variables are presented as medians with interquartile

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Biomarker Testing, Treatment, and Outcomes in Patients With Advanced/Metastatic Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Using a Real-World Database

Naleen Raj Bhandari, Lisa M. Hess, Dan He, and Patrick Peterson

observation in the database if this occurred >90 days before the end of the database. Statistical Analyses Baseline characteristics used descriptive statistics and were compared using Student t test or chi-square test as appropriate. Missing data

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Tumor Mutation Burden and Depression in Lung Cancer: Association With Inflammation

Daniel C. McFarland, Devika R. Jutagir, Andrew H. Miller, William Breitbart, Christian Nelson, and Barry Rosenfeld

addressing depression in other cancer groups. 1 , 30 A national study found that multiple psychosocial characteristics were associated with worse depression but did not characterize an association between lung cancer biology and depression. 31 A better

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Use of Circulating Tumor DNA for the Clinical Management of Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: A Multicenter, Real-World Study

Baijun Dong, Liancheng Fan, Bin Yang, Wei Chen, Yonghong Li, Kaijie Wu, Fengbo Zhang, Haiying Dong, Huihua Cheng, Jiahua Pan, Yinjie Zhu, Chenfei Chi, Liang Dong, Jianjun Sha, Lei Li, Xudong Yao, and Wei Xue

subsequent multivariate analyses. A test result was considered as statistically significant for P <.05. Results Patient Characteristics From the 8 institutions, 292 patients were recruited for analysis between December 2017 and December 2019