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Vaia Florou, Christopher Nevala-Plagemann, Jonathan Whisenant, Patricia Maeda, Glynn W. Gilcrease, and Ignacio Garrido-Laguna

carcinomas of the breast. They share a lobulated pattern; express MUC1, MUC4, and mammaglobin 1 ; and are stained positive with periodic acid–Schiff and mucicarmine. In addition to morphology, a pathognomonic characteristic of MASC is the presence of the ETV

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Michael G. Milligan, Angel M. Cronin, Yolonda Colson, Kenneth Kehl, Debra N. Yeboa, Deborah Schrag, and Aileen B. Chen

characteristics of patients included in our sample, grouped by receipt of brain imaging. Categorical variables were reported as counts and percentages, and groups were compared using chi-square tests for significance. Continuous variables were reported as medians

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Zi-Xian Wang, Hao-Xiang Wu, Ming-Ming He, Ying-Nan Wang, Hui-Yan Luo, Pei-Rong Ding, Dan Xie, Gong Chen, Yu-Hong Li, Feng Wang, and Rui-Hua Xu

clinical outcomes of left- and right-sided CRC tumors. 2 – 7 These differing characteristics are associated with differential prognosis, and patients with right-sided CRC are reported to have a worse prognosis. 8 , 9 A recent meta-analysis including 14

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William R. Kennedy, Christopher Tricarico, Prashant Gabani, Ashley A. Weiner, Michael B. Altman, Laura L. Ochoa, Maria A. Thomas, Julie A. Margenthaler, Souzan Sanati, Lindsay L. Peterson, Cynthia X. Ma, Foluso O. Ademuyiwa, and Imran Zoberi

for all statistical analyses. Results Patients and Treatment Characteristics A total of 153 patients with a median follow-up of 4.04 years (range, 0.51–13.97 years) were included in the study cohort. Patient characteristics and treatment strategies are

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Claudia S.E.W. Schuurhuizen, Annemarie M.J. Braamse, Aartjan T.F. Beekman, Pim Cuijpers, Mecheline H.M. van der Linden, Adriaan W. Hoogendoorn, Hans Berkhof, Dirkje W. Sommeijer, Vera Lustig, Suzan Vrijaldenhoven, Haiko J. Bloemendal, Cees J. van Groeningen, Annette A. van Zweeden, Maurice J.D.L. van der Vorst, Ron Rietbroek, Cathrien S. Tromp-van Driel, Machteld N.W. Wymenga, Peter W. van der Linden, Aart Beeker, Marco B. Polee, Erdogan Batman, Maartje Los, Aart van Bochove, Jan A.C. Brakenhoff, Inge R.H.M. Konings, Henk M.W. Verheul, and Joost Dekker

-described effective interventions using a stepped care–oriented approach (S). At baseline, the TES and CAU groups were comparable regarding sociodemographic and most clinical characteristics ( Table 1 and supplemental eTable 3 ). Patients in the TES arm received

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Davide Mauri, Antonis Valachis, Nikolaos P. Polyzos, Lamprini Tsali, Dimitris Mavroudis, Vassilis Georgoulias, and Giovanni Casazza

analyses could be retrieved from only 13 studies. 10 – 12 , 21 – 30 A flow chart indicating the identification of randomized controlled trials for inclusion in the meta-analysis is reported in Figure 1 . Characteristics of Trials Table 1

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Brittany Bauman, Rosemarie Mick, Eileen Martinez, Theresa M. Lawless, Lindsey Zinck, Paige Sinclair, Mary Fuhrer, Mark O’Hara, Charles J. Schneider, Peter O’Dwyer, John Plastaras, Ursina Teitelbaum, and Kim A. Reiss

5% type I error rate. Baseline characteristics were summarized for each treatment arm. Continuous variables were summarized by mean, standard error, and range. Categorical variables were summarized by frequency and percentage. Continuous variables

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Bishal Gyawali, Elvira D’Andrea, Jessica M. Franklin, and Aaron S. Kesselheim

patient and disease characteristics closest to those of the RCT. If a non-RCT contained multiple arms for different doses or different histologies, we chose the dose and tumor cohort with the nearest match to the RCT. If the trial characteristics were

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Walburga Yvonne Joko-Fru, Mirko Griesel, Nikolaus Christian Simon Mezger, Lucia Hämmerl, Tobias Paul Seraphin, Jana Feuchtner, Henry Wabinga, Guy N’da, Assefa Mathewos, Bakarou Kamaté, Judith Nsonde Malanda, Freddy Houéhanou Rodrigue Gnangnon, Gladys Chebet Chesumbai, Anne Korir, Cesaltina Lorenzoni, Annelle Zietsman, Margaret Ziona Borok, Biying Liu, Christoph Thomssen, Paul McGale, Ahmedin Jemal, Donald Maxwell Parkin, and Eva Johanna Kantelhardt

evidence of receiving any CDT For patients with metastatic disease, we described the therapy they received (see Table 1 for therapies). Table 1. Therapy Characteristics for Patients With BC by Stage at Diagnosis Assessing Loss to Follow

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Matthew S. Ning, Prajnan Das, David I. Rosenthal, Bouthaina S. Dabaja, Zhongxing Liao, Joe Y. Chang, Daniel R. Gomez, Ann H. Klopp, G. Brandon Gunn, Pamela K. Allen, Paige L. Nitsch, Rachel B. Natter, Tina M. Briere, Joseph M. Herman, Rebecca Wells, Albert C. Koong, and Mary Frances McAleer

categorical variables. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS Statistics, version 24 (IBM Corp). For all tests, a P value ≤ .050 was considered statistically significant. Results Patient Characteristics Among 20,534 total RT courses delivered at our