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NCCN Guidelines® Insights: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Version 3.2022

Featured Updates to the NCCN Guidelines

William G. Wierda, Jennifer Brown, Jeremy S. Abramson, Farrukh Awan, Syed F. Bilgrami, Greg Bociek, Danielle Brander, Asher A. Chanan-Khan, Steve E. Coutre, Randall S. Davis, Herbert Eradat, Christopher D. Fletcher, Sameh Gaballa, Armin Ghobadi, Muhammad Saad Hamid, Francisco Hernandez-Ilizaliturri, Brian Hill, Paul Kaesberg, Manali Kamdar, Lawrence D. Kaplan, Nadia Khan, Thomas J. Kipps, Shuo Ma, Anthony Mato, Claudio Mosse, Stephen Schuster, Tanya Siddiqi, Deborah M. Stephens, Chaitra Ujjani, Nina Wagner-Johnston, Jennifer A. Woyach, J. Christine Ye, Mary A. Dwyer, and Hema Sundar

, opportunistic infections, and febrile neutropenia. NCCN Recommendations Preferred Regimens Acalabrutinib, ibrutinib, and VenR are included with a category 1 recommendation, 20 – 22 , 36 zanubrutinib is included with a category 2A recommendation, 31 and

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Brentuximab Vedotin in Patients With Relapsed HIV-Related Lymphoma

Mitul Gandhi and Adam Petrich

complete response. Treatment was complicated by reversible grade 2 neuropathy and grade 2 neutropenia, neither of which required dose delay or reduction. As of most recent follow-up, he had completed 8 cycles of therapy with durable CR. He is being

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Novel Systemic Therapies for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Charles M. Rudin, Christine L. Hann, Craig D. Peacock, and D. Neil Watkins

risk of severe neutropenia of irinotecan . J Clin Oncol 2004 ; 22 : 1382 – 1388 . 28. Hanna N Bunn PA Jr Langer C . Randomized phase III trial comparing irinotecan/cisplatin with etoposide/cisplatin in patients with previously untreated

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Supportive Therapies in Multiple Myeloma

Charise Gleason, Ajay Nooka, and Sagar Lonial

granulocyte-colony stimulating factor be used in multiple myeloma patients developing neutropenia under lenalidomide-based therapy? Br J Haematol 2008 ; 140 : 324 – 326 . 24 Katodritou E Verrou E Hadjiaggelidou C . Erythopoiesis stimulating

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Reassessing the Standard of Care in Indolent Lymphoma: A Clinical Update to Improve Clinical Practice

Mathias Rummel

caused by infections. Grade 3 or higher toxicities included neutropenia (n = 27), thrombocytopenia (n = 7), and pneumonia (n = 6), including 2 patients who died of non– Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, suggesting that the risk for toxicities associated

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Fixed-Duration Versus Until Disease Progression: How Long Should Initial Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Last?

Yvonne A. Efebera and Nina Shah

maintenance experienced grade ≥3 neutropenia and 58% had grade ≥3 hematologic toxicity compared with 22% randomized to placebo. A meta-analysis from McCarthy et al 4 demonstrated that nearly 30% of patients had treatment-emergent adverse events, resulting in

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Optimizing First-Line Therapy for Follicular Lymphoma: Is It Time for Chemotherapy-Free Approaches?

Richard I. Fisher

/chemotherapy arm experienced more neutropenia and fever; however, overall, treatment discontinuations were similar in both arms: 69% of patients on the R 2 arm and 71% of those on the rituximab/chemotherapy arm completed treatment. 13 Final data showed that R 2

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Idelalisib and Rituximab in 17p Deletion–Positive Splenic Marginal Zone Lymphoma

Aby Z. Philip

catheter improved significantly and albumin infusions were discontinued. She tolerated idelalisib well without any significant issues, except for one episode of mild neutropenia that resolved with temporary discontinuation of the drug. Five months into

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Advances in the Management of Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma

Presented by: Ryan C. Lynch

=.0005). 10 Despite these “promising” results, according to Dr. Lynch, longer-term follow-up data are needed before this regimen may be considered for integration into the NCCN Guidelines. “Notably, there is more neutropenia with N-AVD,” he added

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NCCN Guidelines Update: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma

Presented by: Deborah M. Stephens

leading to treatment discontinuation with zanubrutinib. One notable side effect of zanubrutinib was a tendency to cause more neutropenia, although this did not correlate to neutropenic fever or higher rates of grade 3 infections. “The findings of these 2