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Stacey Shiovitz and Keith D. Eaton

Case Report A 66-year-old woman presented with newly diagnosed stage IV non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and a large adrenal metastasis. Five weeks before presentation, she developed low-grade fevers and shortness of breath with minimal

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Rajinder S. Grover, Kemp Kernstine, and Amrita Krishnan

56-year-old woman noted a slowly enlarging right parotid mass for approximately 2 months. She denied any fever, night sweats, decreased salivation, dry eyes, pain, or facial paresthesias. She had an intentional weight loss of about 19 pounds over the

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Matthew Ulrickson, Fred Okuku, Victoria Walusansa, Oliver Press, Sam Kalungi, David Wu, Fred Kambugu, Corey Casper, and Jackson Orem

Mulago Hospital reporting a 7-year history of gradually increasing pruritus and diffuse, scaly skin lesions ( Figure 1A ). More recently he reported mild weight loss and anorexia, although he denied having drenching night-sweats or fevers. He denied any

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Nisha Rao, Hans Iwenofu, Bingfeng Tang, Jennifer Woyach, and David A. Liebner

for <5% of all cases. 2 IMTs most often present with signs and symptoms restricted to the areas affected; however, 15% to 30% of people present with fever, weight loss, malaise, microcytic anemia, elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate

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Jarred Burkart, Dwight Owen, Manisha H. Shah, Sherif R. Z. Abdel-Misih, Sameek Roychowdhury, Robert Wesolowski, Sigurdis Haraldsdottir, Julie W. Reeser, Eric Samorodnitsky, Amy Smith, and Bhavana Konda

onset abdominal pain and fevers, and imaging results were concerning for abscess formation at the anastomotic site. He underwent exploratory laparotomy, ileocolostomy resection, and abdominal washout with wide drainage for ileocolostomy perforation

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Dwight H. Owen, Bhavana Konda, Jennifer Sipos, Tom Liu, Amy Webb, Matthew D. Ringel, Cynthia D. Timmers, and Manisha H. Shah

to a nadir of 385 ng/mL at the time of disease progression. The patient’s treatment course was complicated by rash and fevers, which required low doses of prednisone and reduced doses of dabrafenib (100 mg orally twice daily) and trametinib (1.5 mg

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Daniel C. McFarland, Heather Polizzi, John Mascarenhas, Marina Kremyanskaya, Jimmie Holland, and Ronald Hoffman

pain (43%), fevers (13%), weight loss (10%), and splenic pain (4%). MPN-associated symptom burden and inability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) were associated with worsening cytopenias and splenomegaly. 5 However, distress, anxiety, and

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Ruben Mesa, Catriona Jamieson, Ravi Bhatia, Michael W. Deininger, Aaron T. Gerds, Ivana Gojo, Jason Gotlib, Krishna Gundabolu, Gabriela Hobbs, Rebecca B. Klisovic, Patricia Kropf, Sanjay R. Mohan, Stephen Oh, Eric Padron, Nikolai Podoltsev, Daniel A. Pollyea, Raajit Rampal, Lindsay A. M. Rein, Bart Scott, David S. Snyder, Brady L. Stein, Srdan Verstovsek, Martha Wadleigh, Eunice S. Wang, Mary Anne Bergman, Kristina M. Gregory, and Hema Sundar

daily living. 2 , 3 Constitutional symptoms (fever, night sweats, and weight loss) are more frequently reported in patients with MF compared with those with PV or ET. 2 , 42 In a recent landmark survey that evaluated the symptom burden experienced by

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Juliana E. Hidalgo Lopez, Mariko Yabe, Adrian A. Carballo-Zarate, Sa A. Wang, Jeffrey L. Jorgensen, Sairah Ahmed, John Lee, Shaoying Li, Ellen Schlette, Timothy McDonnell, Roberto N. Miranda, L. Jeffrey Medeiros, Carlos E. Bueso-Ramos, and C. Cameron Yin

-LGL leukemia and T-LGL proliferation and other lymphoproliferative disorders after SCT is proposed. Case Report A 16-year-old man initially presented to another hospital with fever, weight loss, lymphadenopathy, and hepatosplenomegaly in October 2012. A

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Scott M. Lindhorst, Richard D. Lopez, and Ronald D. Sanders

woman presented with several weeks of progressive fatigue, bruising, and eventually the development of fevers. She had no prior medical problems and took no medications. Physical examination revealed only moderate splenomegaly, measuring 14 cm. On