Harborside is a medical information, publishing, and health-care communications company based in Huntington, New York. Harborside is the publisher of The ASCO Post, JNCCN–Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology (JADPRO), and the Journal of Oncology Practice. Harborside also provides the management services for the Advanced Practitioner Society for Hematology and Oncology.

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Editorial and Production

Executive Editor
Conor Lynch
Editorial Assistant
Sarah Jackson
Circulation Manager
Shannon Meserve
Senior Production Coordinator
Julie Armstrong
Senior Graphic Designer
Regine M. Lombardo

Business Development

Vice-President, Director of Advertising Sales
Betty Ann Gilchrist
Senior Vice-President, Director of Sales
David Horowitz
Anthony Cutrone
John A. Gentile, Jr.