JNCCN Select: Ovarian Cancer

JNCCN is pleased to present a set of articles relating to ovarian cancer previously published throughout 2019 and 2020. Specially selected by our Editors, JNCCN Select: Ovarian Cancer offers clinicians a second look at some of the top articles relating to ovarian cancer published in the past year.


Impact of Provider Imaging Practices on Survival Outcomes in Advanced Ovarian Cancer

April 2020, Green AK, Korenstein D, Aghajanian C, et al


Contribution of Geographic Location to Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

November 2019, Carolina Villanueva, Jenny Chang, Scott M. Bartell, et al


Exceptional Response to Olaparib in a Patient With Recurrent Ovarian Cancer and an Entire BRCA1 Germline Gene Deletion

March 2020, Megan Randall, Kelly Burgess, Lela Buckingham, and Lydia Usha