Call for Papers

JNCCN—Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network is a monthly peer-reviewed journal indexed in PubMed. JNCCN is delivered monthly to more than 24,000 oncologists and other health care providers in the United States.

JNCCN’s vision is to further the mission of NCCN, by serving as the primary resource for information on NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines, innovation in translational medicine, and on scientific studies related to oncology health services research, including quality care and value, patient outcomes, and public policy.

JNCCN is seeking manuscripts in the areas described below:

Case Reports: Including small case series in which a molecular finding informed diagnosis and/or management, particularly treatment. These reports should also include guidance on how to create the needed evidence base for transporting the observation more broadly.

Original Research and Reviews: High-quality cancer-relevant studies in the areas of health services, outcomes, quality improvement, and policy. Studies may include topics in the full spectrum from risk reduction to disease management or palliation. As Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Margaret Tempero, noted, “As we have built a skilled army of talented reviewers to guide us in selecting papers with the highest scientific merit, JNCCN has become a home for the highest quality research in this area.”

Correspondence and Commentary: Outside persectives from health care professionals in oncology.

At the heart of this call for papers remains the conviction that outstanding research and insights in molecular testing can be shared to create excellence in cancer care for more people. We look forward to publishing these articles in a thoughtful, peer-reviewed process. For more information and to submit a manuscript, please visit

We look forward to your contributions!