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Matthews, A., Sidana, S., Seymour, L., Pick, N., Pringnitz, J., Argue, D., Lange, G., Brandes, E., McClanahan, A., Nedved, A., Hayman, S., Kenderian, S., Kumar, S., Dingli, D., Kourelis, T., Warsame, R., Kapoor, P., Shah, M., Alkhateeb, H., Johnston, P., Ansell, S., Bennani, N., Siddiqui, M., & Lin, Yi. (2019). QIM19-136: Developing an Ideal CAR-T Cell Therapy Patient Experience Through Human-Centered Design and Innovation, Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network J Natl Compr Canc Netw, 17(3.5), QIM19-136-QIM19-136. Retrieved Oct 19, 2019, from