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CRE24-050: Microangiopathic Hemolytic Anemia as the Presenting Manifestation of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Nirmala Ghimirey, Phuong Uyen Vo, James Dibb, Jordan Hatch, and Sameer Mahesh

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CRE24-051: Rare Case of a Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Ataxia Secondary to a Retroperitoneal Neuroendocrine Tumor of Unknown Origin

Khushboo Lakhatariya, Fehmida Laxmidhar, and Mrunal Patel

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CRE24-052: Hyperfibrinolysis as the Primary Presenting Sign of Metastatic Prostate Cancer: A Diagnostic Challenge

Aaron Charles Lobo, Zeynep Busra Zengin, Charles Kenworthy, and Anish Sharda

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CRE24-053: Brown Fat Adipose Tissue (BAT) Activation Mimicking Lymphoma-Associated Lymphadenopathy

Mrunal Patel, Fehmida Laxmidhar, Khushboo Lakhatariya, and Rushin Patel

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EPR24-098: Epidemiological and Survival Analysis of Hemangiosarcoma in the Last Twenty Years

Krishna Desai, Yu Yu Thar, Sabah Iqbal, Manzoor Rather, Rajesh Thirumaran, and Sivaguha Yadunath Prabhakaran

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EPR24-099: Clinical and Epidemiological Characterization of the Oncologic Population in a Third Level Hospital in Northeastern Mexico

Brenda Patricia Garza Badillo, David Hernández Barajas, José Luis González Vela, Ileana Cecilia Reynosa Silva, Luis Andrés González Torres, and Ana Patricia Sanchéz Fonseca

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EPR24-100: A Comparison of Somatic Mutations and ELN Classification in De Novo Acute Myeloid Leukemia Between Appalachian and Non-Appalachian Kentucky

Zena Chahine, Xitong Zhou, Anna Johnson, Trevor Morris, Ashley Soule, Hiffsa Taj, Claire McAvoy, Chaitanya Iragavarapu, Reinhold Munker, Gregory Monohan, Fevzi Yalniz, Ayman Qasrawi, and Reshma Ramlal

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EPR24-101: Characteristics of Individuals With Early-Onset GI Cancers in the Southeastern US

Amy F. Ballou, Abbas S. Tavakoli, and Karen E. Wickersham

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EPR24-102: Determining the Barriers to Colonoscopy in Patients With Positive Cologuard Test

Kimberly Younger, Jacob Guernsey, Joseph W. LeMaster, Daniel Parente, Allen K. Greiner, and Jennifer L. Woodward

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EPR24-103: Casting Light on Metastatic Kidney Cancer Survival: A Gender-Based Examination

Jerry Kenmoe, Calvin Ghimire, Alexander Rabadi, Anjela Shrestha, and Arvind Kunadi