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BPI24-021: Impact of Social Determinants (SDOH) on Surgery and Patient Outcomes in Early-Stage Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer (eNSCLC)

Atharv Sharma, Manu Prasad, Tianyuan Hu, Arunav Saikia, Prabhakar Gaur, Venkata Sai Sumanth Pulluri, and Stuti Jha

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BPI24-022: Our Approach to Patient Selection for Polatuzumab-Based Therapy in Advanced Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Pritika Sharma, Sreshta Paranji, and Amir Steinberg

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BPI24-023: Empirical Study to Estimate Real World Impact of Delay in Adjuvant Treatment on Healthcare Resource Utilization and Cost Burden

Tianyuan Hu, Arunav Saikia, Atharv Sharma, Priyanka Halder, Manu Prasad, Prabhakar Gaur, Venkata Sai Sumanth Pulluri, and Stuti Jha

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BPI24-024: Evaluating and Improving Post-Operative VTE Prophylaxis in Patients With a History of Cancer: Results of a Quality Improvement Initiative in a Community Hospital Setting

Caitlin Finelli, Kristen Conrad-Schnetz, and Tasha Bandiera

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BPI24-025: Prostate Biopsies Against Medical Advice: Unveiling New Biomarker Insights for Men

Jason Alter, Sonia Kumar, Johan Skog, Vinita Verma, Kyle Schimizzi, Yiyuan Yao, Christian J. Ray, Brian Haynes, and Ronald Tutrone

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BPI24-026: Utilization of ExoDx Prostate Test for Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification in the African American Population

Jason Alter, Ronald Tutrone, Christian J. Ray, Sonia Kumar, Grannum Sant, Yiyuan Yao, Vinita Verma, and Johan Skog

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BPI24-028: A Best Evidence–Based Practice of Management of Pruritus to Anti–PD-1/PD-L1 Therapy

Lei Xu, Yiwen Chen, Yan Hu, Liping Ni, and Yu Chen

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BPI24-200: Delays in Adjuvant Therapy in Head and Neck Cancers: Identifying Population Disparities and Implementing Solutions

Leena Abu-Zahra, Jazzmyne Adams, David Friedland, and Jennifer Bruening

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CGE24-094: Recommendation and Genotyping Discrepancies in DPYD for Oncology Patients

Ellie H. Jhun, Jason D. Walker, Ghada Elnashar, Julie Ceno-England, Annmarie Hawe, Cathryn Jennissen, Victor Tam, and James Kelley

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CGE24-095: Microfluidic Characterization and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells from Patients with Metastatic Melanoma

Matthew C. Mannino, George Zhao, Benjamin K. Gibbs, Jennifer L. Schehr, Joshua M. Lang, and Vincent T. Ma